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Bettering myself:

Well today I had another day at home-- couldn't get the car out. There is ice under the tires...we tried for 45 minutes and it was a no go. Ugg. I hate Ohio weather. The good news is I got a ton done in the house and that makes me feel good! I did some decluttering in toys and dressers and I cleaned the bathroom and did a ton more stuff. It feels so good to be productive. I feel better about myself when I am productive.

Dinner Tale:

I made Rebecca Dora spaghettios and she gobbled them up...

I made myself 2 scrambled eggs, toast, cantalope, and apple juice.

New format---update, FTJ, better me, and dinner tale

Well I have been home for the last 3 days...because of snow and ice! That means that I haven't spent any money...YAY! Although I am sick and tired of snow and ice. I spent 45 minutes yesterday and another 45 minutes today getting the ice off the windows of the car...eek...I will see if I have to go in to Shanna's tomorrow. If I do, Bill can get the car out of it's space. There have been so many people getting stuck, it is not funny. My arms will probably really hurt tomorrow...

Forget the Joneses: Day 26-29

Day 26: DeClutter...I am trying to do this for the FlyLady Super Fling Boogie, but it is tough. Will continue to try

Day 27-28: Organize...trying to do this a little at a time.

Day 29: build an emergency fund--- we are trying to follow Dave Ramsey and have built up to $1000. Now we are focusing on paying down debt....

Bettering myself: Okay so I have decided that starting now and going through the month of February, I am going to start a gratitude journal. I will write down …

Sunday's dinner

So Bill had to work tonight and so that meant the challenge of making dinner for Rebecca and what I came up with was.....

Chicken Parmesan

I baked 2 Tyson chicken patties. Then topped with leftover marinara sauce from the other night and some mozzarella cheese. Served with leftover pasta from the other night. Rebecca had peas.

It was yummy and easy! So I made my goal of cooking tonight! Go me!

FTJ Days 15-25 Catch-up

So I have fallen behind in posting the Forget the Jones' assignments. So this will be a catch up:

Day 15 Prioritize pay down---Bill and I have decided to follow a modified Dave Ramsey approach...smallest balance first then after the Mastercard is payed off go to highest interest instead of next smallest which would be Ball State student loan.

Day 16-Re-evaluate your expenses...we did this and cut back some on Directv service and on money we spent on going out.

Day 17- Avoid Budgeting mistakes

Day 18- Create a budget

Day 19- Create a price book

Day 20 and 21- Create a master meals list and pantry list--- I did not write this down as our space for storage is small so I know exactly what I have in the kitchen.

Day 22- Go on a modified spending freeze...we are going to do this, by only buying necessities at the store

Day 23- Be a proactive shopper---use your price book to help you grocery shop, make a master gift list...--- I do this already

Day 24-25--Get into the decluttering mindset. Visual…

Yummy dinner!

So in an effort to cook dinner everynight and to eat less processed food for dinner...I have done really well. Tonight Bill was home, so I decided to try a new recipe...Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings...Oh my God! It was sooooo goooood!!!!!!! I will definitely be adding it to my rotation.

Chicken and Dumplings in the crockpot

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I used 8 tenderloins) seasoned with sage, garlic powder, pepper, thyme, marjoram, and rosemary
2 tbsp. butter
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 onion finely chopped
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup frozen carrots
1 tube refrigerated biscuits

Put everything except biscuits in crockpot. Fill with water to cover. Mix together. Cover and cook on high 5 hours. Tear biscuits into chunks and put in Crockpot. Cover and cook for an additional 75 minutes on high. Serve over mashed potatoes.

This was sooooo yummy! Rebecca didn't like it, but it was the first time she had it so maybe she will like it next time....I am doing good on this me…

Travis Omar

4 months ago today, Bill and I lost our son. Travis Omar was born still on September 21, 2008. He had died in my womb. Doctors said that there was blood clot found behind the placenta that may have caused it. We will never know. These 4 months have been hard and painful. Travis, we love you and miss you every day!

New goal: Making dinner for Rebecca and I when Bill is at work

Okay so in an effort to better my life, I have decided that I am worth a home cooked meal and that Rebecca is eating way too much nuked I am trying to come up with really quick healthy meals that Rebecca and I can eat. So the other night I made hot turkey and cheese sandwiches and fruit. I used up the hamburger buns before they went bad! Yay for me!

Today, I made pasta and marinara sauce! The Tastefully Simple marinara sauce is really good and has a kick to it! I got it as a Christmas present. It is yummy! So we had another homemade dinner!

FTJ- Day 14

Okay so todays assignment is to "Get a handle on your debt" and that includes not taking on new debt and figuring out what your debt really is. As far as this assignment goes, we did this not too long ago and it is depressing when you put the numbers down on paper. But I did it myself (with the CCs and we both have student loans.... I haven't used the credit cards in a year so hopefully that helps, just need to pay them down and off (eventually). I hope we can get some of these paid down quickly but it seems like it won't be....:( being in debt is depressing and the only one I have to blame is me.....sigh....

FTJ- Day 13

Here we are day 13 of the FTJ project. Today we are supposed to analyze our FICO scores and seek where improvement can be made. We are working on trying to improve DH's. It is a slow process but one that hopefully will be fulfilled.

5 Things I am grateful for today:

1. That I have a husband who loves me unconditionally and who leaves me cards, takes me and picks me up from work so I don't have to drive in the snow, and who vacuums the house for me.
2. for a daughter who is always amazing me by her abilities
3. for days off for Bill
4. for the good dinner that I cooked and that Rebecca even ate dinner! (spaghetti and peas)
5. for good friends who make me get off my butt and work! (Thanks Coralie!)

FTJ-- Days 9-12

FTJ Day 9: supposed to figure out cost of living. I think after figuring this out, we are doing okay. We could be doing much better however made some stupid decisions in past and paying for it now...once we get CC paid off we will be doing much better.

Day 10-11: Make a vision board.....have pics on computer for this.

Day 12: find out FICO score. Did this not too long ago. Mine is okay, however Bill's needs a lot of work. Will be working on that soon.

Okay so I think I am all caught up with the assignments! Yeah! Now just to stay on top of them....

FTJ- Day 8

FTJ--Day 8-- supposed to come up with more low cost or free activities for rest of the FTJ project.....

some of the things that I have come up:

movie night at home--watch new dvds from Christmas including Dark Knight, Hancock
play in the snow with Rebecca
date night with Bill---use gift card for movie and restaraunt
spend day at home just playing games, etc.
Super Bowl party---make it potluck
go visit my parents
go to my sister's basketball game

FTJ--- DAYS 5-7 Dreams

So for Day 5-7 I was supposed to come up with a list of 100 dreams that I have, analyze what they say about me, and categorize them with importance and time frames. Honestly this one was hard in that so much of what I dream about is all tied together. I won't bore you with the list but I found that the list is ambitious and I hope and pray that I will be able to accomplish everything on it at one point or another in my life.

Also for day 7-- we were supposed to pick out 25 goals/ dreams to work on achieving. Many of my dreams are long term...however the ones that I can work on this year are as follows:

1.walk on beach of North Carolina with Rebecca and Bill
2. lose 25 lbs to get below 200 lbs
3. have another baby
4. wear clothes that fit me well and make me feel sexy
5. get the 3rd bedroom organized and cleaned
6. get the basement organized
7. continue to declutter
8. dye my hair or at least get highlights
9. pay off debt and reach financial stability
10. don’t be afraid to try new things

FTJ---Day 4

FTJ--- DAY 4--- Create a family mission statement

Our Mission Statement:

We strive to love each other every day. We strive to encourage and help each other with our thoughts, words and actions each day. We strive to use our time, abilities, and resources daily to help us become a better family.

FTJ-- Day 3

Okay so for Day 3 of FTJ, we are supposed to start writing down 5 things we are grateful for each remind us that we do have things to be thankful for in our lives...

So 5 things I am thankful for:

1. My husband---who took care of me, Rebecca and the house while I was sick. And who works very hard to provide for our family
2. My daughter---who is the greatest 2 year old in the world and who made mommy so proud when she slept all night long in her big girl bed for the first time last night! WOO!!!
3. My family and friends---even though I don't get to see or talk to you all as much as I would like, I appreciate your support and encouragement
4. FlyLady-- without joining her group and being reminded to clean and organize the house would be a mess and I would have so much stuff...but I still have a lot of stuff, but it is easy to maintain the minimum (even Bill did it while I was sick)
5. thankful that we are all on the mend for the most part

I think I really need to do this every da…

FTJ...Starting again....

Okay so you may have noticed I haven't been on here in a couple days...I have been really sick...had achiness, chills, sweats, fatique, sore throat, etc. for the last week. It has been awful! I haven't been this sick in a loooonnngggg time. Now that I am feeling a little better I can get back on track. Needless to say the spending freeze went out the window...Bill tried, but he bought food out a couple times and he bought me ice cream and 7-up to help my throat. I really had a lot of time to think though and to figure out that I am sick of living like this financially, so I asked Bill if he would cut back on his hobby. He didn't want to but he agreed...he even called Directv to get some things taken off of our package and get 4 of the recievers that he has turned off. I hope we made a good decision and he doesn't get angry or resent me for asking him to do that. I just got so tired of nickle and dimeing our lives, while he can spend $100-$200 on a whim for disks for hi…

FTJ- DAY 2-- Calculate Net worth

Okay so todays assignment was to calculate your net worth. Well let's just say that DH and I are in dire need of a financial overhaul. It is really bad. Hopefully we can get some debt paid off and get a better number.

On the other hand I think I did okay today. I went to Kroger to do our grocery shopping...normally I will spend around $70 or so. Today I only shopped the perimeter of the store...and stopped myself from looking at the sale items from Christmas. And going by my approved list this is what I bought:

2 gallons skim milk
1 gallon 2% milk
pack of hot dogs
pack of pork chops
mozzarella cheese
head of lettuce
roma tomatoes
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
hamburger buns (-.25 coupon)
turkey lunch meat
bottle of diet dr. pepper (FREE coupon)
Total: 27.83

I really think I did good. I have to make out my menu now that I have Bill's work schedule. I will be glad when I get paid on Monday and Bill gets paid so that we have some money to p…

FTJ- DAY 1 Continued

Revised Approved Spending list:

meat (if it is 1.99 a lb or less)
lunch meat
fresh fruit
fresh veggies (stuff for salads)
apple juice for Rebecca

haircut for Bill
gas for both cars

Mommysavers--Forget the Joneses Bootcamp Day 1

Okay so I have decided that 2009 is a year when we are going to take control of our finances. I have found an awesome program that I am hoping to follow that will allow me to get a jumpstart on this. I belong to the website... This is an AWESOME website for tips on saving money, living simply, getting deals, etc. everything a mom could want. For the next 6 weeks, the mommysavers site is hosting a bootcamp called Forget the Joneses.

Today was day 1 of the program. For day 1 we are supposed to begin a 21 day spending freeze. If we have to spend money it it supposed to be from an approved spending list that we make. Today's assignment was to make the approved spending here goes:

Approved spending:
new vacuum (ours died yesterday)--bought today at Target
fresh fruit and veggies
meat (if it is less than 1.99 a lb)
lunch meat
$10 a week discretionary money for DH to use. (today he us…