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Ben's cow and chick

On Wednesday, Ben's preschool class participated in their building's art show. (Ben's school building houses 4 different preschools for a total of 8 different preschool classes.)

Ben was so proud to show off his cow that he had made using recycled materials and his chick that he made with his hand prints. 

Underneath his cow it said: 

"I made a cow. Cows eat grass. I made a boy cow. My cow has a tail. My cow has spots. I like cows." 

Ben also made this chick. Near the chick, it said that Ben had said: "We eat chicken. I like chicken."  LOL

Ben has really flourished this year in his preschool class and we are so grateful for his teachers, his aide (who has become like a grandma to him!) and his therapists.

What's for dinner and yes I am still here!

I am still has been extremely busy and hectic and crazy. Lots of stuff going on, which I will blog about later... There are times I feel I have so much to say that it was hard for me to sit down to put things into words. I have been reading blogs when I can, but haven't been able to carve out time for writing. But that is changing as of right now. I do miss blogging as it is like a journal into my life, so I am going to try to make more a of a conscious effort to blog at least a few times a week.....

For now let's get back into what we are eating this week. I have been doing well with making out a menu and mostly sticking to it, even if I haven't been blogging about it. I am trying to cook healthier meals, but also trying to use up what we have at home. Bill is trying to cut way back on his sodium intake as we think that that may be why he is not losing weight despite cutting calories and exercising more. That is making my job a little more difficult, but tha…