Gus-Gus and Gronk One Year Later

Last year on Valentine's Day our family adopted 2- 7 month old kittens from a friend. We had no idea what fun they would bring to our lives. 

The kitties have definitely developed their personalities. When we got them Gus Gus was the more timid cat. He liked to hide underneath the couch and did not like to be touched at all. 
Fast forward a year, and Gus Gus is now playfully known as "Psycho" as he runs full force from one side of the house to the other. He will run up and down the stairs jumping off of furniture and just being crazy. He also loves to be petted. He will rub up against mine and Bill's legs begging for pets and if/when we stop he will playfully slap at our legs for more. He also loves to lay on our bed and will cuddle next to me at times if I am sitting in bed reading. 
Gronk, is now playfully called "Fat Cat" as he is the heavier of the 2 cats. His favorite activities include sleeping upstairs (either on our cedar chest or on one of the boy'…

Weigh In Wednesday #7 of 2018

Happy Wednesday! Happy Valentine's Day! Have a Blessed Ash Wednesday! (This year is strange for Catholics as Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday are the same day and Easter falls on April Fool's Day!)

Bill and I actually had date night at home this past weekend to celebrate...having Ruby Tuesdays for dinner at home! It was super yummy!

Today I did try to make the day special. I left candy out for the kids that they can have when they get home from school. After I showered, I started with getting up early to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls for the kiddos. I also found donuts waiting downstairs from Bill.

When I left to take the kids to school, I also found a card on my driver's side seat of my van from him.

And when I got home from taking them to school, there was flowers and fuzzy socks sitting on the kitchen table for me. Makes my heart happy!

Before we began the Valentine's Day though I did get on the scale. So,let's get see where the weight numbers stand this …

Happy Homemaker Monday (2/12/2018)

Happy Monday-- Happy Valentine's week! 
Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I just lost my mojo and really had nothing to talk about. It was a fairly busy, on the go kind of week so that may have let to it. Also with snow days thrown in for the kids, etc. it just really threw off my entire schedule. Then this past weekend my sister came home for a surprise visit from college, so I met her and my mom for lunch on Friday. Then on Saturday we spent the whole day out at basketball games, then yesterday I tried to get in the groove to get some stuff done at home but it seemed like everything was taking forever. This week, hopefully, will be much calmer, although today is going to be crazy busy. So I thought I would take a few minutes and get this post up while I have a chance. So, let's get on with the Happy Homemaker Monday theme hosted by the lovely Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom:

The Weather::: The sun is out!!! YAHOO!!! It is still cold (high of 30 today I believe)…

Weigh In Wednesday #6 of 2018

Happy Wednesday! Happy Snow Day #5 for my kiddos from school. That is why this post is going up late. My kiddos didn't have school again, after we got about 5-6 inches of snow overnight last night and into this morning. I also had an extra kid here today, as I had the baby that I babysit AND her sister, who is in Kindergarten and didn't have school either. It actually wasn't too bad of a day as Rebecca played Barbies with "S" all morning and then after lunch they played with play-doh until the girls were picked up. So, I am just now sitting down to type this out. 

I had to include the picture at the top. As I was searching for a funny cartoon or quote I found this and laughed out loud. It really describes me now as we put a deposit down on a beach vacation this summer and I need to get serious so I can be in better shape than the last time we were at the beach. Hopefully, the weight number will be a lot less than when we went 2 years ago.  

Speaking of numbers, let…

Insane Peanut Butter Cup Cake (new recipe #5 of 2018)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone is staying nice and warm. My kiddos are back in school today (they should have had school yesterday as the roads were fine after 9AM but who am I to say....) Yesterday in my post, I mentioned that I had tried a new recipe for an "Insane Peanut Butter Cup Cake" and a couple of you said you couldn't wait for the recipe. So today I thought I would share it with you. 

So the story of the cake is this::: Saturday night we headed over to our good friends' house for dinner. I offered to bring dessert. My friend Sarah and I have a sort of inside joke going, where we find the most delicious sounding recipes on Facebook and share/ tag each other on them. We seem to be taking turns making these recipes for each other and our families as well. Last week our families got together at our house and she brought over a cookie dough pie.

Well, this week we headed over to her house so I went through the Facebook archives and found a recipe for an &q…