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Well today it is COLD!!!!!!! At least the sun is out.

Frugality wise--I went to Kroger, stuck to my list, and only spent $8. :-) I got 2 packs of chicken nuggets, a loaf of bread, a bunch of bananas, and a bag of chips. Not too bad. Got gas too....only $1.45 a gallon! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!! So it only took me $11.70 to fill up my car!! That is awesome.

This morning, I made $60! I sold a bunch of shot glasses off of Craigslist. They were just sitting in my basement collecting dust. Now I can put that toward my CC credit card! If I can find $40 more dollars to put toward the payment it will be done!!!

Later I have to go have our family portrait taken. I still don't know what I am wearing...that is bad right?

These past couple of days have been hard....Travis was born still 3 months ago today. He is so missed! I can't put into words how much I miss him and how I wish things were different. I miss you Travis and I love you!

December 19, 2008

Well today we took Rebecca to the doctor for her 2 year checkup...we only had to pay $25 copay...still not sure what we owe for when she was sick, but didn't have to pay any today for that! YEAH! She is healthy and doing just fine. Didn't have to have any shots!! :-)

Then we went to Target....bad mistake...I can never just buy what is on my list from there....URGGHHHH....need to work on that in the new year. We went in to get a Dora sheet set for Rebecca's new big girl bed...we ended up buying:

new tennis shoes for Bill
2 new shirts for me (on sale for $5 a piece---originally $12 a piece)
a Dora Sheet set
a purple sheet set (on sale for $7)
2 books for Rebecca ---one for today, and one for Christmas
bag of candy for me
a pack of cheese
total spent was $80.....EEKKKKKK!!!!!!!
Also before we left, Bill decided he needed Starbucks, so we both got one and that was another $8.30....EEEKKKK!!!!

On the good front, I talked to Bill about starting a 30 day Spending freeze starting in …


So in an effort to try to cook dinner and NOT eat out for dinner...I am going to make weekly menus....this is using only stuff in my kitchen, so I don't have to go to the store.

For the rest of this week---December 19-20

Friday 12/19/08---ham sandwiches and peas and apples

Saturday 12/20/08--- frozen Lean Cuisine for me, and chicken nuggets and veggies for Rebecca

For the Week of December 21-27, 2008

Sunday 12/21/08---go out with my parents after family portrait

Monday 12/22/08--- beer battered fish, rice, green beans and corn

Tuesday 12/23/08--- chicken broccoli alfredo pasta

Wednesday 12/24/ 08---Christmas Eve dinner with my family

Thursday 12/25/08--- Christmas dinner with Bill's family

Friday 12/26/08--- tuna helper and corn

Saturday 12/27/08--steak, julienne potatoes, mixed veggies

Thursday December 18, 2008

Well today is my first day of vacation from work and the first day of the rest of my life. I have decided that we have too many debts, not enough money, too many stressors, and that there needs to be a change. I want to live better one day at a time. Some of the things I want to work on....including resolutions for 2009 are...

lose 25 lbs....I really need to do this due to health problems that are likely to occur if I don't. I also want to get pregnant again, and after losing Travis at 21 weeks in Sept. I think the less I weigh and healthier I am the better my chances are. pay off 1 and 1/2 credit cards---- I would like to get CareCredit paid off next month and then snowball that payment and have at least 1/2 of Mastercard paid off by end of year.cook dinner every night....I need to remember that although Bill works late a lot, Rebecca and I are worth homecooked meals. Need to find some recipes and easy meals to cook for us.declutter basement---continue this and sell on Craigslist …