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Jacob got his new glasses

The other day we went and picked up Jacob's new glasses. 
This was Jacob before....

And this is Jacob now....

I think he looks much older!

Our day out with Thomas

Sunday, we got up extra early so that we could hit the road as we had a date later in the morning at the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad in Lebanon, Ohio.

We had a date with.....THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE! 

If you know anything about Thomas, you know that the little blue engine has captured the hearts of millions of kids all over. Well, in our house he has captured the heart of Benjamin. Ben is all about the choo-choos (as he calls them)! So when I saw that the "Day out with Thomas" experience was coming to Ohio, I talked to Bill and we decided to treat the kids to the festivities. 

It was 2 hours and 10 minutes away and we needed to be there by 9am. That meant an early morning wake up call...

When we got there, Thomas was still asleep and they had to wake him up. The look on Benjamin's face when they unveiled Thomas' face was worth the whole trip! 

 All 3 kids had a blast at the experience. The organizers had lots of different stations set up with activities, including a plac…

And now I have a preschooler....

It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to my first I am the mom of a 3rd grader, a kindergartner and NOW a preschooler! 

Today was Benjamin's first day of preschool. He is enrolled in our local school district's preschool program in an integrated classroom. Basically, that is a class where half of the children are on an IEP and the other half are not. Benjamin is on an IEP due to his autism diagnosis. 

I am so excited for what this year will bring for Ben as he has gotten into the habit of copying what others are doing and looking to see what he should be doing. He has started talking more due to this and he has been trying new things because of this. One of the goals in his classroom, is that the children on the IEPs will see what the other children are doing and will take their cues from them. 

When I dropped Benjamin off this morning, I will admit I teared up. I didn't do the full blown crying because I know this is the best step for Ben; and I had Rebe…

I have a 3rd grader and a Kindergartner.....

This morning was back to school for Jacob and Rebecca. What was new and different is that they are going to a different school than they have in the past. We put them into our local public school district for a variety of reasons....

Last night, was open house for both Jacob and Rebecca. It was a culture shock for me as a mom, as the kids are going from a school that had 1 class per grade level and maybe 150 kids from Preschool through 8th grade, to a school that has over 400 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. We met their teachers, found their lockers and got the lay of the land. Thankfully, both of their teachers seem really nice. 

This morning, I decided to walk the kids to school. We live about half a mile from the school. (I figured this would make sure that I get at least some exercise each day!). 

Both kids were super excited to head to school and once we got there, Jacob just said bye mom and ran off to play and Rebecca gave me a quick hug and said bye and went off wit…

Dentist visits and ordering new glasses...

This morning, we took all 3 kids to the dentist for a cleaning and exam. Jacob and Benjamin needed them for school. Bill came home early from work this morning to go with me, as I was unsure how the boys would do.

Well they did great! The dental hygienist was very good with Benjamin who hates all things that have to do with doctors and is very sensitive to things being in or around his face and to things that make noise. Bill did have to hold him during his cleaning  but for the most part he kept his mouth open and did a great job. I held him during the exam by the doctor. 

Jacob was very nervous but he also did a great job! Rebecca was the only one who got x-rays taken and there are no cavities! Yay! I will need to take Rebecca and Jacob back to get sealants put on 4 of their teeth, but other than that they are good to go! 

After we left the dentist, I promised Benjamin that we would go look at the fish at Walmart. It was the only way I could get him to leave the office! We were heading…

Seeing new things in the night sky

This past week, I was able to experience 2 things that I have never experienced before. 

Thursday night, around 1 AM, Bill and I went outside to see if we could see any meteors in the Perseid Meteor Shower that was happening. I am 36 years old and I have never seen a meteor before going across the sky. Well, Bill and I were able to see about 4-5 small ones in the 30 minutes or so we were outside. It was really cool, thinking that those are miles away in outer space. It was neat. 

Then, last night, we went outside around 10:40 PM as the International Space Station was supposed to be visible flying over. We were able to see it for about 20 seconds or so before it disappeared in the Earth's shadow. It was blinking brightly moving and then it disappeared. Again, it was really neat seeing it. Makes you feel very small in the scheme of the whole universe. 

I was very glad to be able to experience these things with my hubby. It made it even more special. 

Were you able to see any meteors in …

random tidbits

It is that time of year again...Bill is putting in super human hours at work getting ready for fall sports, I am trying to get kids ready for back to school, and life is just one big ball of craziness. This past week has been no exception...

Let's see what the highlights were:

- I had my last week of summer tutoring. Next week I start school year tutoring for my business. Thankfully, I have at least 3 clients lined up, but still need to add some more. 

-finished school shopping for the older 2 kids, still no idea if Ben needs anything. Had to get new shoes for each kid...Rebecca is in a 3, Jacob went up to a 2 and Ben is still in a 13. Rebecca got a new pair of dress shoes, Jacob and Ben both got tennis shoes. 

- figured out softball week starts games through the end of September

- I have found a new snack that I like and that I have been buying for the kids. Outshine fruit bars are delicious and they even have little tidbits of fruit in them. 

They are seriously so good…

farmer's market, zucchini bread and urologists

This past weekend, Rebecca and I were able to make a trek to our town's farmer's market on the square that is held every Saturday morning from May to October. We have not gone all summer due to scheduling conflicts and other commitments. Rebecca has been asking to go the last couple of weeks, and I was finally able to make it happen. 

We were able to get a dozen ears of sweet corn (which when we cooked them that night, did not taste all that good....), a small box of tomatoes, a box of cherry tomatoes, several small cucumbers (as they looked a whole lot better than the regular size cukes), 2 zucchini, and green beans. Yummy! 

Once home, I took the 2 zucchinis and set out making zucchini bread, per my mom's request. I make her some every year. I don't know what happened to this batch, but it did not rise like normal and the batter was thicker than normal. It looks funky but it still tastes really good! 

Saturday night, we went out to my parent's house and treated them…

BBQ Chicken and Potatoes Packet that even my kids liked!

When we were on vacation, I would check in on facebook daily during our down time. One day, I came across a recipe for BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packet dinner that I thought looked so tasty. 

Well, Monday night I was actually home all day, so I decided to give it a try for dinner, with a few modifications on my part. (If you want the original recipe, click the link above). It was super easy to put together and SO GOOD! Even my picky children loved it. Jacob said it "was the greatest recipe ever!" 

My adaptation of BBQ Chicken and Potatoes Packet
8 TBSP BBQ Sauce (any brand, I used Calhoun's from the restaurant we went to on vacation) 4 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts- thawed 4 red potatoes, thinly sliced 1/2 large red onion, thinly sliced or 4 jalapenos, sliced black pepper 1 cup cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Lay 4 sheets of tin foil rectangles on your counter. On each rectangle, layer 1 TBSP BBQ sauce, 1 chicken breast, 1 TBSP BBQ sauce, 1 potato thinly sliced,…

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho Off to the Fair we went....

Last week, our county held their county fair. We take the kids every year, usually during the afternoon, when it isn't so crowded.

This year, we went on Monday afternoon. The kids loved all the animals. We did miss seeing all the birds (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, etc.) though. All of the fairs in Ohio have banned displaying live birds this year due to the risk of avian flu. I feel bad for the 4-H kids that were affected, but will say that our fair allowed the kids to make posters and presentations and they really tried to make it special given the difficult circumstances. Benjamin loved all the animals, especially the cows and the goats. 

We walked around and saw the animals. Then we let the kids pick a ride to ride...They all wanted to ride on the train. I wasn't sure how Benjamin would react, but he as so excited to ride a "choo-choo."

The kids got to play 1 game each (at $5 a game that is it for our family!) and they each won a prize so they were happy.  Then w…

Brave Queen Esther (book review)

Book Description: 
Brave Queen Esther tells the story of a brave and beautiful hero of the Old Testament. Written in the I Can Read level two standards, with age-appropriate vocabulary and concepts, young readers read about a young Jewish woman who is chosen to be a queen by a powerful king. When she hears of a plan to hurt all of the Jewish people in the kingdom, she calls on her faith and steps forward, facing certain danger to save God’s people from the evil plan.

This I Can Read! series of Bible stories makes use of the unique features found in the NIV Adventure Bible such as “People in Bible Times” and “Words to Treasure”.

My Thoughts: 

Brave Queen Esther tells the Biblical story of Queen Esther, who along with her cousin, helped to save the Jews from persecution under King Xerxes. She is considered a female hero in the Bible. This re-telling of the Bible story is written for the understanding of 4-8 year olds. Rebecca, my 8 year old, was able to read it independently to her b…

Ye Olde Mill and my birthday

Last Tuesday, July 28, I turned 36 years old! I had a good birthday, even though Jacob tried to tell me that I was turning 46! Bill had bought me doughnuts from Tim Horton's as a birthday breakfast treat. He got me honey cruller donuts which are my favorite! The rest of the morning was spent at home, when my mom and sister came over. 

After Bill got home from work, we headed out and had Burger King for lunch. We decided to spend some family fun time together and so we then took the kids to Ye Olde Mill at the Velvet Ice Cream Company in Utica for a treat. We go there every year for the Ice Cream Festival, but we wanted to go when it was a lot less crowded and we could just relax and explore the grounds a bit.

 We walked through their little museum and read some fun facts about ice cream. 

We let the kids play on the playground. 

We took part of a nature walk, until the trail was roped off due to recent flooding. 

Then we got to the best part....ICE CREAM! Benjamin had chocolate ice cr…

Gatlinburg Family Vacation-- Day 7

Saturday morning, July 18, we were up early.

We headed down to the continental breakfast which was typical of hotels. Benjamin was glad they had yogurt!

Then we headed back to the room to do a final pack of the van and we headed out onto the road to head back to Ohio. The drive back was uneventful. We did have to detour at one point, when the GPS found a shorter route off the freeway. Apparently, there was an accident or something that made I-71 traffic to be at a complete standstill. We were able to bypass that and made great time getting home. We stopped at McDonald's in our town for lunch and we were able to eat lunch in our own home!

It was a truly memorable vacation. We made lots of lasting memories. But as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" says: "There is no place like home."