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February Goals wrap-up

Today is the last day of February. I wish I could say that I am sad to see February go, but I really am not. This was NOT a good month for me physically (was sick for more than half the month), mentally or emotionally. I have a lot on my mind and am really just not in a good place. I am really trying hard not to let myself get depressed. It is hard though.

One of the things that I am just trying to let go of is my lack of progress on some of my February goals. I did so well in January, then this month everything kind of took a back seat.

For the final update for February, here is how I did.....

FINANCIAL GOALS: Spend no more than $300 on food. ~I don't have an exact figure, but I am sure it was close to $360 spent on food.Spend no more than $150 on household supplies (trash bags, diapers, etc.)~ I spent right around $130Look into cheaper auto insurance~ NOPEFile 2012 taxes~ DONEOpen new checking account at a different closer bank (as ours has decided to start charging us fees of $1…

Girls with Swords (book review)

From the inside cover:

If there ever was a time for women to be armed, it’s now.

Yet the Word of God is a sword we often are more comfortable studying than wielding. It’s time we give girls swords and watch them connect heaven to earth. Worldwide, women are the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse, and even gendercide. Lisa Bevere writes that these attacks say more about who women might be in the future than who they have been in the past. In Girls with Swords she explains a spiritual enemy is seeking to disarm women on every level. It’s time women become the heroes God created them to be and stand—courageous, discerning, forgiving, and wise.

Creatively forging the imagery of swords, the Word of God, and the Cross, Girls with Swords will teach you:

• How to speak the language of heaven on earth
• What it means to intercede
• What it means to carry your cross
• What it means to be discerning
• How to disarm the enemy
• Why women are the enem…

Pocket Your Dollars (book review)

From the back cover:

When it comes to money, attitude is everything

Carrie Rocha, founder and owner of Pocket Your, one of the most popular sites on the web, shares the secrets that will help you change the way you think about money. Seven years ago she and her husband were surprised to discover the mountain of debt they'd accumulated. They knew they'd have to make big changes. Thirty months later they were debt free and have stayed that way ever since.

How did they do it? It wasn't through a step-by-step financial program or spending plan. It turns out, budgets can't fix everything--real change takes an attitude adjustment.

You too can triumph over the pitfalls that lead to financial stress. With practical help in every chapter, including real-life examples and easy-to-use self-assessment tools, you'll soon understand what Carrie discovered: Lasting change can start today.

My Thoughts:

Pocket Your Dollars: 5 Attitude Changes That Will Help Yo…

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla! To play along simply start your post with a photo or quote... Copy and paste the starters and link up to Carla so she and others can visit you and see what you've been up to!

  What are you.....
Watching? Last night I kind of, sort of watched "Dark Knight Rises" with hubby. He watched it and I was working on the computer getting taxes done.Hubby has hockey on and Jacob is not happy because cartoons are not on. Listening to? The sounds of the household. Benjamin is crawling around playing with a car. Jacob is crying. Bill is explaining to Jacob that there are no more cartoons tonight. And Rebecca is splashing around in the bathtub. It is a normal Sunday night around here. LOL....Music to my ears. Cooking/Baking? Today I made pumpkin muffins! YUMMY!!! I also have been making 2 cakes each week for Rebecca's schools Friday night fish fry each week during Lent.
Happy you accomplish…

Goodbye to Yesterday (book review)

From the back cover:

When Luke Stoltzfus loses his job at a furniture store in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, he is given an opportunity to learn a new trade from his uncle who lives in Indiana. Despite his wife's reservations, Luke jumps at the chance and makes plans for a quick trip to Middlebury.

Along the way, Luke meets with tragedy, and life as he knew it will never be the same.

Despite all odds, will the faith and love Luke and Meredith share be enough to bring them back together again? Or will Meredith begin a new life with another?

My thoughts:
The storyline is great and the most positive aspect of Goodbye to Yesterday: Part 1 (The Discovery - A Lancaster County Saga) It is engaging with just enough drama to keep the reader engaged and wanting to read more. I fell in love with the sense of reality that is being faced by Meredith and Luke as they face life with unemployment and a shrinking bank account and the ups and downs of newlywed life. I felt that I could relate…

Our Valentine's Day 2013

Life has been super busy so I am finally getting around to blogging about our Valentine's Day.

This year, both Bill and I had to work.

Bill had to work in the morning. Then I had to work in the afternoon. That night, my sister came over so she could go to the movies with her friends, as they did not have school the next day.

As soon as I got home from work, Bill had to leave to go do an interview for a story he was writing.

So what did we do together for Valentine's Day?

Well, we ordered Chinese food for takeout (Bill picked it up on his way back from his interview) and we ate by candlelight in the dining room, while the kids played and watched cartoons in the living room.

That is how we did our Valentine's Day this year. It worked for us! And as parents of 3 kids ages 6 and under, I think it was kind of romantic and low key, just like us!

Then as another surprise, on Saturday, I woke up to a dozen roses and a card! Thoughtful and lovely from dear hubby!

So, what did…

Guess who is crawling??

Benjamin is 10.5 months old. He is a big kid. He weighs close to 35 pounds. That is big for his age.

I think because of his weight he is a little behind in his gross motor skills development. He was a little late to sit upright and stay upright on his own.

Well today he has decided that it is time to crawl around and get into everything. Just out of nowhere he decided to start going around getting into papers and toys that he really, really wanted!

It was really exciting to watch him as he realized that he could get where he wanted to go.

So now that he is mobile, I have to be extra diligent about what is on the floor, etc. Hard to do with a 3 year old that just likes to drop stuff as he goes....After the boys went down for their naps I cleaned the living room floor and sorted toys and swept the floor under the couches and chairs. I even took the rugs out and dusted them.

So Benjamin is on the move! This should be a fun ride!

What I have been up to...

I finally have a moment to sit and blog for a minute....

Sorry I haven't been as active lately. Life is going on and I have been trying to be more diligent about spending quality time with the kids rather than on the computer...

This week has been busy, busy (as it is every year, when it becomes the end of a sporting season. Hubby's schedule gets super busy. I get super busy at work and with volunteer stuff that I need to do, and just having 3 kids 6 and under makes any day busy.

Monday I had the day off of work but spent part of the morning in the walk in clinic, as I had had a sore throat for 7 days and my ear started hurting again. Strep throat was negative, but she said I had a weird sinus infection thing going on. Probably never got rid of the ear infection in January, so it just transformed into an infection in my throat. Another round of antibiotics (this time azithromicin (z-pack), and $100 later I have my meds. That night I went to bed early and laid on a heated rice…

February Goals update

How is it that it is already February 17th?? Time is flying by....but I guess that is how life is when you are busy!

I thought I would take a moment to update my progress, or mainly lack thereof, on my February goals....So here goes....

Spend no more than $300 on food. ~Through today I have spent $267 on food. I am ready to give up on this goal as food prices are skyrocketing....:( Spend no more than $150 on household supplies (trash bags, diapers, etc.)~ So far I have spent  $100 so right on track...Look into cheaper auto insurance~ NOPEFile 2012 taxes~ NOPEOpen new checking account at a different closer bank (as ours has decided to start charging us fees of $18 a month for the same service we have been getting for free.)~ Have started this process. Hubby opened an account, but still need to get my name on it and get direct deposits from work transferred. DECLUTTERING GOALS:
Take pictures of and list baby items on Craig list (swing, bassinet, jumper, etc.)~NOPEDeclut…

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week is a busy one.

Saturday started out early. I was at Walmart at 7am to get a b-day present for a friend of Rebecca, then went and did grocery shopping. Home at 9:15 to put groceries away, etc. TV died. Took Rebecca to her b-day party, went to Walmart and bought an entertainment center, went to Kmart and bought a new tv, picked Rebecca up. Back home. Spent 5 hours putting together entertainment center with Dear Hubby.

Sunday Rebecca and I went to church, came home and picked the boys up. Went to breakfast/lunch with my parents and siblings. Came home and started cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. Watched a movie and stayed up way too late.

Monday, I was very productive. Took Rebecca to school. Came home, threw dinner in the crockpot. Made homemade applesauce with some apples that were going bad.  Did more laundry. Went to work and came home and made biscuits with dinner.

Today, I took Rebecca to school, came home and went back to bed. Got up went to work and came home…

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla! To play along simply start your post with a photo or quote... Copy and paste the starters and link up to Carla so she and others can visit you and see what you've been up to!

 What are you.....

Reading? Nothing right now.
Watching? Hubby is watching "The Dark Knight." I am kind of paying attention, kind of not.   Listening to? The TV is on. The dryer is running.   Cooking/Baking Haven't really cooked anything special this week.
Happy you accomplished this week?  Survived a crazy day/weekend. Got the van cleaned out. Cleaned and fixed our bathtub drain!!   Looking forward to next week? Bill is off work for 3 days for a mini vacation. I have a busy week, with work, volunteering, knowledge fair at school, etc. Thankful for today? For my husband, who has stepped it up and is helping more with the housework. I love that man!  
Bonus question: Are you musically gifted/talented? Do you play…

It has been one of those days....

So today has been one of those days where you just want to hit the start over button.

It is not even 11:30 am yet and yet it feels like it should be 7:00 at night.

Couldn't sleep again last night. Was awake every 2 hours.

Woke up at 6:00 am with a huge headache.

Got Rebecca ready for school, then went to call Bill only to find out his phone was out of service.

Called Straighttalk as we are supposed to have service through 2/9 and he still had over 600 minutes left as of yesterday morning (according to my acct online and a text we got yesterday), only to be told their customer service hours start at 8am.

Receive a phone call from my boss...she has pinkeye and a cold and won't be in today. She is trying to find a replacement, but if she can't then she will come in for the last hour. She knows where she got it (one of our preschoolers) and I worked with her for several hours yesterday so this should be interesting to see if I get it.

Back on the phone with Straightalk. …

To Honor and Trust (Book Review)

From the back cover:

Callie Deboyer arrives at Bridal Veil Island to spend the winter working as a governess for the Bridgeport family. However, she finds she can't fully enjoy the beautiful resort because questions about her future weigh heavily on her mind: Should she continue in this job she enjoys, or is God calling her to join her parents in their missionary work?

When she enrolls young Thomas Bridgeport in golf lessons, Callie meets instructor Wesley Townsend, who urges Callie to take lessons, as well. During their time together, Callie comes to care for Wes- until she discovers that he's been hiding something very important from her.

Then expensive pieces go missing from various homes around the island, and suspicion is aimed in Callie's direction. Callie wonders if this is a sign she should leave it all behind and join her parents in Africa. Considering Wesley's deceit, will he ever be a man Callie can honor and trust for the rest of her life?

My thoughts:

To H…

Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas

I was thinking last week that I had a ton of things pinned on pinterest and yet I haven’t really tried any of them.

Then I have seen going around on the blog-o-sphere that different bloggers are trying to do one or two pinterest experiments a month.

That gave me the shot in the arm that I needed to try one or more of the things that I have pinned.

I decided that the easiest thing for me to do was to incorporate a new recipe into our menu planning…

so I searched pinterest and found one that I had pinned a long time ago and had not tried…..

Oven baked chicken fajitas!
I made these and I will say that they were a big hit with hubby and I. Simple and yet delicious. Will definitely be making these again.

Have you tried any recipes off of pinterest?

The 5 Money Personalities (Book Review)

From the back cover:

Every couple argues about money. It doesn't matter if you're raking in the cash or barely getting by, if you've been married for forty years or dating for four months. Money touches every decision you make as a couple- from the $5 cup of coffee to the $50,000 car. And when the tow of you don't see eye-to-eye on how much to spend or how much to save, that's when arguments turn into ugly, toxic fights that leave both of you feeling hurt and angry. That's why money has become the number one cause of divorce in the United States. Obviously, something needs to change.

Are you both ready to take our Money Personality Profile? Once you know your Money Personalities, you can get to the root of money arguments and start working together. You'll discover what has an impact on your loved one's money decisions. You'll learn how to talk about money in a way that's actually kind of fun. And you'll figure out how to put an end to money…

God Gave Us Easter (book review)

From the back cover:

"God loved us so much he wanted us to always be with him too. That’s why God knew he’d need to give us Easter.”

As Little Cub celebrates Easter with Papa, Mama, and her brother and sister, she begins to ask her papa questions about this very special day of the year. Papa lovingly explains God’s plans for his children, while taking Little Cub on a memorable walk through her stunning Arctic world, and he shares how Easter came about in clear, simple terms that even the littlest cubs can understand.
Show more Show less

My Thoughts:

Once again Ms Bergren gives my children a book to cherish.

With a lovely story line, absolutely stunning artwork and the adorable polar bears that we have come to love in her “God Gave Us…” series, God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergrenis a great addition to our library.

The book is lovely and my children enjoyed listening to the story that is gentle and give a nice perspective of Easter that does not include the blood and gore …

It has been snowing here all day....

It has been snowing here all day long. Not the heavy, fluffy, fast accumulating snow but the light but steady all day snow that can be an annoyance.

It started right this morning around 7 am and I would say we have a good 4-5 inches on the ground and it is still coming down.

Our weatherman kept saying on facebook that there might be 1-2 inches, but nothing of any effect, etc. I think he was wrong.

Any hoo, because of the snow, the after school care program where I work was shut down so I essentially got a snow day. Bill got Rebecca from school and now we are just enjoying an afternoon at home with no pressing obligations.

Instead I surprised Bill and Rebecca with fresh baked cookies when they came home from school...They are chocolate chip, but with red food coloring added to make them more special for Rebecca since her fave color is red! 

and Rebecca has been having fun painting while her brothers are down for their naps/quiet time.

Bill is off down in his man cave cleaning up/ …

Fraud on my credit card

On Wednesday when I came from work I had the urge to check my email before getting dinner. On a typical day I try NOT to check email as when I get home it is time for dinner and then spend time with kiddos---getting baths, cleaning up, etc. But I told hubby to not turn the computer off. Boy am I glad I checked my email…

I got an email from my bank that my credit/debit card had been blocked for fraudulent activity and to call the number on the back of the card to find out more information. Now I have gotten emails like this in the past and it is an attempt to get my information. However, there was no link or anything to press in the email. I decided to try to log onto my online bank account to see if I could.

I went to my bank’s website, tried to log on and nope it was blocked.

I then took my debit card out of my wallet and called customer service on the back. I explained about the email and the customer service representative said that yes there was a block on it, gave me the number…

February Goals

Last month, I focused on 2 main goals…a decluttering goal and a finance goal. I felt that this worked out well for me and helped me maintain focus for the month.

This month, I want to continue to do this but have smaller goals under the decluttering and financial categories.
So for the month of February my goals are:

Spend no more than $300 on food.Spend no more than $150 on household supplies (trash bags, diapers, etc.) Look into cheaper auto insuranceFile 2012 taxesOpen new checking account at a different closer bank (as ours has decided to start charging us fees of $18 a month for the same service we have been getting for free.)DECLUTTERING GOALS:
Take pictures of and list baby items on Craig list (swing, bassinet, jumper, etc.)Declutter our master bedroomPERSONAL GOALS:
Work up to drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day Menu plan each week from pantry first, then around salesLose 4 poundsGive up pop and sweets for Lent
So there you have it. My goals for this month. I…