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Books that I read for fun in June

Over the last year and a half, I started documenting the books that I read for fun (and not just for review purposes).  I have decided that I need to continue that as reading is important part of how I relax. Books that I read for fun are books that I have not been asked to review and that I have chosen to read, well because I like to read. In 2015, I read a total of 49 books! This year, 2016, I am aiming to read 52 books...

What did I read in JUNE?: 

Here are the books I read for fun in:

May 2016
March-April 2016
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January 2016
Books from 2015
Books from 2014

Have you read any good books lately?
Any series you would recommend?

It's Blaze and a cookout!

Sunday after softball, Rebecca and I headed back out to my parents' house for a birthday cookout for my nephew Alex's 9th birthday. 

Alex has autism and is not very high functioning. He is a very special kid who shows his personality at times. He loves to be sprayed with water guns. He loves to give high fives and fist pumps. He has also learned how to blow kisses. 

His mom, my sister-in-law, said that Alex wanted a "Blaze and the Monster Machines" cake, but it had to be dairy free.

So, since I am the cake baker in the family and since I do what I can for my niece and nephews, that is what I did. I found a recipe for a no dairy cake and decorated it with Blaze. 

Joe and Frances (my brother and SIL, Alex's parents) had brought over burgers and hotdogs to grill for his party. They were expecting a lot of people. Unfortunately most did not show up which made my brother very mad and he did go into a profanity laced tirade about how people say they will be there and then …

Spring Softball 2016 is Over!

The last couple months have been consumed with Spring softball league for Rebecca. She once again played for the Mount Vernon Girls Softball League. This season she was in the 10U league. She played for Charlie's Body Shop.

It was an interesting season. Her coaches were okay. They knew the game, but really didn't have the personality needed to be head coaches. I respect that they are parent volunteers and this was their first head coaching job. However, they did not have control over the attitude of their daughter and they let several of the girls have bad attitudes that spread around and several of the girls had no respect for the coaches at all.

Rebecca had fun and that is what matters. She spent most of her time playing second base and the outfield. She really improved her hitting and watching the strike zone, although she still tended to swing at really high pitches.

Her team played some really great games and then there were some where they couldn't hit the ball at all.…

Catholic Kidz Camp and Finding Dory

Thursday night Bill, Ben and I attended the end of the week musical presentation for the Catholic Kidz Camp that Rebecca and Jacob attended. It was a week long vacation Bible school put on by our church. This year the theme was "Parachute with the Angels and St. Catherine Laboure." 

The kids learned about various angels and the role they play in our salvation. They also made crafts, sang songs, played games and role-played in skits. 

Thursday night was the closing ceremony which included the kids performing (singing and dancing to) different songs that they learned throughout the week. 

Rebecca and Jacob both said that they had a blast and they are already looking forward to next year when Benjamin will be old enough to attend as well. 

On Friday afternoon, Bill and I surprised the kids by taking them to see the movie "Finding Dory" in the movie theater. Typically we do not take the kids to the movies as Benjamin was not old enough and we just didn't feel the k…

Epaulette Sharks in our town and a rant

I signed my kids up for our library's summer reading program. Each week, they have an hour program featuring something different. The first week it was a singer, last week it was our local kid's science center, and this week was a presentation with the Newport Aquarium traveling shark exhibit. (Now if you know anything about my town, we are a few hours away from Covington, Kentucky where this aquarium is located.)

My kids got to enjoy the Newport Aquarium's Wave on Wheels Shark Encounter. They got to listen to a presentation about sharks from one of the employees and they learned things like how big the largest great white shark ever captured was (23 feet long), what sharks eat, why they bite humans, how humans have abused sharks and how to take care of sharks and animals in general. 

They also got to learn a bit about an Epaulette shark, which is native to Australia and is sometimes called the walking shark. 

After the presentation, the kids had a chance to go up and touch …

Wolf Run Regional Park

Yesterday morning we decided to take the kids to a new to us park in our area. We decided to check out "Wolf Run Regional Park," whose sign we had passed a few weeks ago as we were coming home from somewhere else. 

I had heard it was the dog park, however when looking online it appeared that yes it was a dog park, but there were many more acres that were trails and places for humans to hike as well. 

Man were we surprised!

When you pull in the parking lot, there is the fenced in area for the dog park to your left. To the right is a picnic table shelter area. And then there are hiking trails to the front. We ate lunch at the picnic tables and then set off to explore the trails. 

Looking at the map, we decided to walk the pond trail. It would lead us out to a pond.

The kids loved walking the path and they stopped to look at a spider and took notice of many butterflies in the area.

The pond area also had a picnic table and a fenced in dock area. The kids loved seeing all the fish in …