Monday, March 11, 2019

Update on my sister and this past week

Okay so the last time that I wrote on here was on the 1st. So much has happened in that time frame. When I wrote last, my sister had been taken to the ER in Cleveland after being found really sick and almost unresponsive in her apartment. 

Well, Mary spent 7 days in the ICU. There were several times during the first few days where we weren't sure if she was going to make it. When she arrived at the ER, her kidney function was 30%, she was incoherent, her calcium was sky high, her blood pressure was super low, etc...

Doctors had no idea what was going on. They would treat one problem and then another number would go out of whack. She was in a really bad place, including at one point having hallucinations and psychotic episodes that lasted about 48 hours with no sleep. She went through a cat scan, 2 MRIs, a spinal tap, etc.  

This was from later in the week when she was feeling a little better. She had to do dialysis for 2 days. 

Finally, they got some answers part way through the week. Basically her adrenal glands shut down completely causing her body to attack itself. There is no telling how long her adrenal glands have been shut down. This is an autoimmune disorder that you typically see in patients that are 65+ in age, not in a 22 year old. They finally were able to get her stabilized and the numbers where they wanted them by this past Friday. 

Her prognosis is good as long as she takes care of herself and keeps on her medication that she was prescribed. (She is now on 7, including steroids) Needless to say it was a very hard week for everyone. She was released late Saturday afternoon and my parents and sister got back home around midnight Saturday night. I took the kids out to my parents' home on Sunday to see Mary and she looked tired but better than had in a few months.  

Dinner time at the house this past week. 

I also went to my parents' so that I could take my niece and nephew back to them. My parents have custody of my niece and nephew, so while they were in Cleveland with my sister, my niece and nephew were here with me. It was crazy chaos. My niece is 14, but with a mentality of a 8-9 year old. My nephew is 7 and just wants to please, but also gets anxious if things are messy (which with 5 kids in the house things would be messy.) My dad kept thanking me and I just told him that this is what families do. 

Having my niece and nephew here also presented the challenge of having to cancel my babysitting and tutoring for the week because it was just too much. I have cancelled my babysitting today so that I have a day to clean house and to breath, but will be back to schedule tomorrow. 

Right now, I just wanted to get this update up here and I am also procrastinating on cleaning the litter boxes...but it must be done so I guess I should sign off here and go do that. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

I'm still here... (UPDATED)

Sorry for not blogging. I really didn't mean to take time off but life has a way of getting in the way and as I put on Facebook earlier this week... " So much on my mind and my heart. So many people that I am close and friends....are dealing with so much...heartbreak, life changing decisions, diagnoses, depression, anxiety, etc. So many things out of my control but still on my mind. Life is so hard sometimes."

There have been a few major things going on, starting with...


February 20, 2019-- they said we might get 1-2 inches. We ended up with 8-10. 
Seriously the weather has been a major disruptor in our lives...between delays at school, a wind storm that knocked out power to the boys' school causing a day of no school, to snow days, etc. Rebecca's school has used up 7 of their 8 snow days. Jacob and Ben's school has used up 8 out of 8. That means if they miss anymore then days are added onto the end of the year. Oh joy. NOT. Especially since it looks like we may have another snow storm coming in on Sunday with forecast of 6-10 inches of the white stuff. 

However, like I told the kids we just deal because we can't control the weather. We just make sure that we have supplies (ie. food, flashlights, etc.) on hand and we try to make the best of the situation. 

The sky this pretty.
But seriously, I am so ready for warmer weather.


We have been dealing with sickness in our house for the past week or so--- both with our family and my babysitting kids. Head colds (complete with runny noses, coughs, drainage, etc) and a stomach bug (complete with throwing up and diarrhea). We are all pretty sick of being sick. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we are on the downside and everyone is on their way to feeling back to normal. 

Elderberry syrup.... and in the background a cute card Bill surprised me with this morning.
 He is trying to make these days a little better for me. 

On this note, I have been cleaning, using Thieves essential oil, and everything else I can think of to fight this crap off. A friend of mine swears by elderberry syrup as a natural means to fight off illness. She was selling some of her extra so I bought a pint. I have been not as sick as the others. I haven't gotten the stomach bug and my head cold symptoms were much less 24 hours after I took some of it. 


Long story short, my parents have been granted temporary custody of my niece and nephew (ages 14 and 7) after children services removed them from the place they were staying with their mother. My other nephew age 11 is in another foster home due to his medical needs and violent tendencies given his autism. This situation could go for 30 days up to until the kids are adults. 

I have been helping my mom out with little things like advising on types of deodorants, toothpaste, etc. I also have been making sure that I am available if my mom or dad need to vent, etc. I have also been helping my parents out by nitpicking my nieces hair. According to the school, she has basically had lice all year and her mother hasn't done anything. My mom asked me to treat her hair and nitpick since I would know more of what to look for. (After 2 treatments and multiple nitpicking I am still finding lice so she was supposed to go to the doctor today to get a prescription). Such a sad situation.   

At the same time, my brother (the kids' father) is having major issues and was committed to the hospital for 2 days after he overdosed on pills and was trying to commit suicide. It is one of those situations where he has crashed through rock bottom and just needs prayers. He knows that I am ticked off at him for allowing the situation with his kids to get to this point. He also know that I love him, even though I want to punch his lights out. I saw him the other day and reiterated that to him. I can't cut him out of my life because if I do or if my parents do, I think that he would go through with taking his life. 

On top of all this, my sister has been diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroid disease and she is in a bad place. She has lost over 50 pounds in the last few months, is in constant pain, is dealing with major depression, etc. It makes my heart hurt. ***UPDATED**** SHORTLY AFTER PUBLISHING THIS YESTERDAY I GOT WORD THAT MY SISTER HAD BEEN TAKEN TO THE ER BY SQUAD. SHE IS 2 HOURS AWAY AT COLLEGE. SHE IS CURRENTLY IN ICU. THEY ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IS GOING ON. PRAYERS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. 

There has been other drama going on that while not directly affecting my family, makes my heart hurt for the friends going through it. 

I saw this this morning on a friend's facebook timeline and laughed so hard. 
Describes where I am at perfectly. 

In my own household, between sickness and exhaustion, dealing with pre-teen hormones in Rebecca (who cries at the drop of a hat now and is dealing with panic attacks), having a super crazy schedule, and the everyday life of having rambunctious kids and a husband with his own issues, life is never dull and has been CRAZY! There are days that I do the minimum and then days where I get a lot done. But each day I crash into bed exhausted and half the time I can sleep through the night and the other half I awake around 1 and can't go back to sleep until 4 or later. 


In the past few weeks I have been going non-stop as well. I just can't keep up that schedule. Some things needed to be eliminated from my life as they were causing me major stress and anxiety. I resigned from my position with Rebecca's American Heritage Girls post. My heart just wasn't in it and I needed to be done. I felt bad about backing out but it was what needed to be done. 

Rebecca shooting a free throw in her last game. 
She says she may try out for the 7th grade middle school team next year instead of playing with Upward. 

Basketball season also came to an end for the kiddos. The boys missed the last 2 weeks of their games (the first because they were constantly in trouble at home and I got tired of the disrespect, and the 2nd because they were both throwing up.) The end of the season wasn't without controversy as at Jacob's last practice someone walked off with his winter coat. So I was having to go to Walmart at 9 oclock at night to buy him a new coat. Seriously who does that? Especially from a church gym and in an organization that is Christian based. 

There are other things as well, but I think these are the major highlights (or low lights if you will) and the major reasons I have been silent here lately. So after all the rambling, I am here to say that I am still here. Just life is going on and I am trying my best to keep up with everything.   

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