Monday, February 11, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday (2/11/2019)

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine wasn't too bad. Several items got cancelled for us as Rebecca came down with a fever on Saturday morning, so I was able to use the time at home to get caught up on laundry among other things. She still had a fever as of last night so no school today for her. Speaking of school, we are under yet another 2 hour delay today due to snow that we got yesterday. I HATE 2 hour delay days--- throws everything off. Oh well. All I can do is deal. 

For now, I am taking a few moments to get on with the topics for "Happy Homemaker Monday" (hosted by the lovely Sandra over at "Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.")as I really do find that this allows me some resemblance of order and a plan for the week-- especially when it comes to menu planning. :) So let's get on with it....

Right now it is drizzling outside. Temperature wise it isn't too bad out although it is cold enough that it is freezing drizzle. Looks like rain and temps in the 30s/40s this week. 

  • Today

    Feb 11

    38° /35°F
    Rain at times this afternoon
  • Tue

    Feb 12

    50° /26°
    Rain, a thunderstorm
  • Wed

    Feb 13

    33° /28°
    Decreasing clouds; breezy
  • Thu

    Feb 14

    48° /39°
    Mostly cloudy; milder
  • Fri

    Feb 15

    45° /22°
    Rain; breezy

(I thought it might be fun to take a picture every Monday looking out my kitchen window just to see what changes or similarities there are)

Last week:  

This week: 

This morning, I have had 2 mini chocolate donuts. They were the last 2 in the container. In a bit I will probably make myself some toast or an egg.  

Today I have on a purple sweatshirt hoodie, jeans, white fuzzy socks and black tennis shoes.  

Sitting here typing this up at 7:30 in the morning. H watching "Paw Patrol". Baby A is napping. Bill is asleep after working overnight last night. Rebecca is sleeping. I hear the boys stirring upstairs as they have a delay today so I am just letting them get up on their own.   
It looks okay. I tried to make sure that things were cleaned up before I went to bed last night. My desk area is a mess and I really need to work on it.       
Kids to school
Ben has speech therapy
Rebecca has play practice
Plan tutoring sessions for the week
Board meeting stuff for both AHG and VVF.


Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel

Bringing Up Bates
Cartoons for the kiddos
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Monday - Chili and crackers 
Tuesday - Fiesta Chicken in the crockpot over rice
Wednesday - Italian sausage, green beans and potatoes in the crockpot (new recipe)
Thursday- leftovers or clean out freezer dinners (think Lean Cuisine type)
Friday - Pizza and fruit
Saturday - Taco boats, corn, chips and salsa (friends are supposed to be coming over for dinner and bringing dessert)
Sunday - Turkey breast?? 


Rebecca went to her first middle school dance Friday night! How is she growing up so fast? 


Well I need to finish this up as Baby A has woken up and "H" would like some breakfast. I hope everyone has a good week. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

My goals for 2019: Update #6

Happy Sunday! 

How is everyone doing today? It has been a few days around here... I have been extremely busy and on the go, throw in a sick kid, not feeling 100% myself and it has been crazy. Right now I am listening to Rebecca hack up a lung :( She has a fever and cough. The boys are playing and Bill is sleeping-- something that I wish I could be doing but I had to get up and go to church and teach my PSR class. Now I am taking a few minutes to read blogs and update this little space before I heat up leftovers for the kids for lunch. 

Today is Sunday which means it is time to see how I am doing on my 2019 goals. 
So, I said that I was going to be accountable to my goals this year instead of having them sit on my blog post not to be seen until January of next year. I have decided to do weekly updates, that way I can keep these in the back of my brain and keep them fresh. I think that Sundays are a good day to do an update as then I can refresh for the week ahead and make sure that I am living each day in a way that I consistent with my goals for the year. 

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2019 updates for week 65::

1. Blog at least 2-3 times a week.
Yep! I blogged 2 times last Monday, and Wednesday... so completed for this week! :) 

2. Read 26 books.
I still didn't read anything last week. I have pulled Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel off of my bookshelf to read next. I feel the need for a fiction read! :) 

So that puts me at 2 books read out of 26 for the year!  

3. Read to the boys before bed.
Nope didn't happen. May need to rethink this one.    

4. Try 12 new recipes at least. 
Yes I tried a new recipe for "Outback Alice Springs chicken" that was so good. I also made a philly cheesesteak pasta dish that was super yummy as well. So I am at 4 new recipes this year!   

5. Take a walk at least 2 times a week in the winter and at least 3 times in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. 
This was a fail again this week.  Too cold, too icy,... 

6. Take a couple of hours of "me" time each week in some way... whether this is getting away from the house by myself or taking a nap.
Nothing this week. Too much running around and schedule was just too crazy.   

7. Declutter each room of the house and donate things that don't belong in the trash and throw away trash. 
I worked a little bit on some paperwork. Getting a large diaper box full of papers out that need to be shredded and discarded. 

8. Take 2 overnight trips with the kids and Bill. 
Just in the thinking stages on this one.  

9. Have a date night with Bill at least 2 times a month and have one of those a quarter being a date night OUT of the house. 
Nothing this past week. However overall January was a win with 2 dates (1 out/ 1 in). 

10. Get a tattoo. 
I have been thinking about this and am pretty sure that I would like to do a simple shark design. Now to start looking at Pinterest for inspiration. 

11. Lose weight. 
Nothing this week. 

So that was this past week. The week was a blur of activity and unfortunately my schedule doesn't seem to be slowing down. It is what it is. Now I need to go make my kiddos their lunches and then we have to work on writing out Valentine's for the boys' classes and making their Valentine boxes. I also need to do some laundry and I have another new recipe I want to try tonight for dinner. So I had best end this and get a move on....

Have a good Sunday everyone! 

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