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Lent 2009

So this year, Bill and I have both decided to give up something for Lent. Neither of us are religious by any means, even though I was raised Catholic and he was raised Lutheran. Sometimes I wonder why I got away from going to church, etc. I really don't know and I know there are times I feel guilty for it...Anyways, for Lent Bill and I are giving up....Eating fast food!This will be tough for us as we eat out at a fast food place at least once a week, usually 2 times or more. I know it is a really bad habit so we are using this to stop that.Also I am giving up chocolate. I am going to need strength for this one! Bill is also giving up taping things off tv (his hobby). What is your family giving up?

My Darling Daughter Rebecca

She wanted to have her picture taken (for once!). Isn't she adorable?

Cleaning and perfectionism

Okay so I am a perfectionist...which is probably why I have a hard time getting things done right away because I want them done a certain way. Well since we have lived in our townhouse, I have decided that perfectionism and cleaning DO NOT MIX!!! I have been trying to follow FLYLADY (, however I don't do all of it because that would make me try to do it perfectly. I don't have the time or the energy most days to do things perfectly. You know what that is okay.

What I do do is bless my family with daily cleaning and not worrying about whether I got that last dust bunny or the tiny miniscule crumb off the floor. Now mind you I don't like messes, but if we were not in the kitchen all day I am not going to sweep and swiffer the floor in there. CLEANING THE KITCHEN IN 20 MINUTES OR LESS! I had a friend who wanted to know how I could clean my kitchen after dinner in less than 20 minutes. This is how I do it: while I am cooking I have soapy hot water in the …

RIP Grandma Ella

Today our family buried my Grandma Ella. She was 78 years old. Grandma Ella was a stubborn woman who wanted things her way and she lived a very simple life. She hated excess. While I didn't agree with a lot of things that she did or stances that she took, she was my grandmother. Grandma Ella loved children and gardening and her favorite color was purple. I am taking this blog post to remember her. I love you and miss you. May you Rest in Peace!

Menu Plan Monday

MENU for Week of February 23- March 1Monday: chicken nuggets, carrots, strawberriesTuesday: baked pork chops (new recipe), stuffing, green beansWednesday: lemon and herb marinated chicken, steamed mixed veggies, french friesThursday: lasagna soup and grilled cheeseFriday: baked fish, mac and cheese and cornSaturday: pizzaSunday: leftovers

Menu Plan Monday

This weeks menu:MONDAY: for Rachel: leftover chili, for Rebecca: leftover spaghettiosTUESDAY: grilled chicken, stuffing, and cornWEDNESDAY: baked fish and green beansTHURSDAY: chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheeseFRIDAY: leftoversSATURDAY: hot dogs and baked beansSUNDAY: Chicken and Dumplings in the crockpot

The Homemaker's Day Book

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW: It is dark out now. It was a partly sunny day with no rain or snow! It made me hope Spring is around the corner.

I AM THINKING: about my husband who is at work and has been working really long hours lately.

I AM THANKFUL FOR: my husband who puts up with me and my moods. He loves me even though I might be anxious and stressed and depressed 99% of the time. He is a great man.

FROM THE KITCHEN: tonight for dinner I made manwich, peas and cut up a cucumber for Rebecca and I.

I AM WEARING: red t-shirt, grey sweat pants and white socks

I AM LISTENING: to the theme song for Dora the Explorer.

I AM CREATING: ideas for menus for this week.

I AM GOING: to try hard not to go anywhere this week to save money since we had to get a new computer.

I AM HOPING: that the pain in my chest goes away soon.

AROUND THE HOUSE: I have cleaned the kitchen and am doing laundry.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: is cuddling with Rebecca on the couch, watching cartoons

A FEW PLANS FOR THE WEEK: catch up on c…