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Books that I read for fun in January 2017 (with mini reviews)

Over the last 2.5  years, I have been documenting the books that I read for fun (and not just for review purposes).  I have decided that I need to continue that as reading is important part of how I relax. Books that I read for fun are books that I have not been asked to review and that I have chosen to read, well because I like to read. In 2015, I read a total of 49 books! In 2016, I read 58 books.  While I don't have a goal in mind for this year, I will continue reading as it is something that I love to do and I like to document the books that I read.  (Please note that if a book looks interesting to you, you can click on the picture of the book and it should take you to it's page on I am an associate through them.)

So....What did I read inJanuary: 

I received several new books for Christmas and so I took the opportunity to read a couple of them throughout January.

The first book I read was Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. I LOVED this book. I laughed. I cried. It w…

Little Stingers Wrestling Tournament

Over the past 2.5 months, Jacob has been involved in our area youth wrestling program. It is called the "Little Stingers" program. (Our high school mascot is the Yellow Jackets, so that is where that comes from.)

Jacob has really enjoyed his time wrestling. He loves the coaches and it does help to keep him active. The season consists of two practices a week culminating in an end of the season tournament. That tournament was this past Sunday.

Jacob had to be at the gym by 9am to be checked in. He weighed in at 68.1 pounds and was placed in the 71 pound weight class. He would be wrestling against 3 other wrestlers in his weight class.
The tournament began with them warming up and getting ready as a group.

Then all the wrestlers were taken in the hall and then processed in. Then we all stood for the National Anthem.

Then it was time for wrestling. They went through weight classes...finally it was Jacob's groups turn. The first person he wrestled against was the best in the …

Happy Homemaker Monday (1/30/2017)

Happy Monday! Ihope everyone had a good weekend. We had a good weekend here. Saturday, Rebecca played really well in her basketball game. She is showing improvement every week she plays. Sunday we spent most of the day at Jacob's end of the season wrestling tournament. He did well and wrestled his best yet. The rest of yesterday was just spent relaxing and not really doing much of anything. I felt so guilty but it has been a really long time since I really didn't do anything on a day. My husband kept telling me not to feel guilty.
Now we are back to another beginning of another week. I will be joining in with the lovely Sandra over at "Diary of a Stay at Home Mom" in her Happy Homemaker Monday meme. So let's get started: 

Today it is cold with off and on snow showers. The sun keeps trying to sneak out so that is always a welcome sign. The beginning of this week is supposed to be full of snow showers and just icky weather.

I am tr…

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (new recipe #4 of 2017)

One of the things that I would like to get done in 2017 is to try to expand our menu items. I want to try at least 2 new recipes a month. I have decided to share the recipes that I try so that maybe I can help a few of you out with some new menu ideas. I know that I get inspiration from other bloggers so maybe I can help.

Last week I mentioned that I didn't have any new main dish recipes planned, but that I might make a new dessert or something like that. Well,20 I ended up finding and trying a new recipe for Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. My inspiration was 5 very ripe bananas that I had on my counter that I did not want to go to waste. (We have been really good about eating all the bananas before they get too ripe, but these ripened REALLY fast this week for whatever reason).

A quick google search, and I found the perfect recipe to try. This Chocolate Chip and Banana Muffin recipe called to me because it uses a lot of bananas (the recipe called for 6 bananas, but I used the 5 I h…

January Decluttering Project: Closet of Doom (Final results)

Of one my goals for 2017 is to give our home a deep decluttering.As I mentioned in my New Year's Goals post,  I want to take a room a month and really give it a good cleaning and decluttering. 

For January, I have chosen my nemesis-- the room/closet off of the bathroom. There is a small room off the bathroom that has become a catch-all storage room. It is a disaster so I have dubbed it the Closet of DOOM. 

Just a reminder, here is the before (taken from the bathroom door looking in, as I could not even walk into the room):

After spending an hour cleaning it during week 1 of January, the closet had transformed to this:

After week 2, the closet looked like this:

After week 3 the closet was looking great. However there were still totes to go through in the corner. There were 5 or 6 totes that were behind the door that hold memorabilia and maybe more clothes.

So that was my starting point. I had about an hour and a half free on Wednesday so I decided to tackle it and get it done. The firs…

Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig (book review)

Book Description::: Four years after a tragic mission decimated his career and his team, Cole "Tox" Russell is persona non grata to the United States. And that's fine--he just wants to be left alone. But when a dormant, centuries-old disease is unleashed, Tox is lured back into action.

Partnered with FBI agent Kasey Cortes, Tox has to pull together a team to begin a globe-spanning search for answers--and a cure. As their quest leads them from continent to continent, it slowly becomes clear they're not just fighting a plague--but battling against an ancient secret society whose true goals remain hidden.

With time running out and opposition growing on every side, the key to everything may rest in an antique codex, the Crown of Jerusalem--but will Tox and his team be able to trust each other enough to break this century-spanning conspiracy of silence?
I will say that I usually am not one to read action packed, terrorism centered, military type books…