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Happy December to All!

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Baking and Decorating Cakes

One of the things that I am thankful for in my life is that I had the presence of both grandmothers in my life until I was almost 30 years old. One of the things that my Grandma Rose loved to do was to bake and decorate cakes. I remember watching her in her kitchen baking and decorating and it looked like so much fun. I really think that in the last few years I must be channeling her because I decided to start making and decorating the birthday cakes for my kids' birthdays. I really enjoy it. It is a lot of work and I am not the best at it, but I have a blast doing it and hopefully one day my kids will look back and remember with fondness the cakes that I have made for them.

Last year for Rebecca's 3rd birthday I made her this cake:

This year for Jacob's first birthday I made this cake....

I also made and decorated this brownie for my Mother-in-laws birthday....

I made this Scooby-doo cake for my niece's 6th birthday....

I made this Cinderella cake for Rebecca's 4t…

Happy 4th birthday Rebecca!

4 years ago today, I became a mom for the first time! I gave birth to a 8lb. 10 oz. bundle of joy, who came 3 weeks early! Rebecca was born on 11:28pm on 11/28/ 2006. She is a bundle of energy. She loves to dance and sing. Her favorites include Dora, Diego, Princesses, and Special Agent Oso. She is a great big sister and a wonderful daughter!

Happy birthday Rebecca!


Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! May the day be filled with family, friends, good food and good wishes.

Our Christmas card for 2010

I finally have our Christmas card done!!!! I love that has photo cards for all needs and has cards where you can put more than one picture! Here is our card for 2010~~~

Family Story Christmas Card Shop for elegant Christmas photo cards. View the entire collection of cards.


This year, our family has been through so much! Dear hubby has a tremendous job in writing our annual Christmas letter. There have been good times and bad times. But through it all there has been so much to be thankful for!

 I am thankful for my marvelous husband and my beautiful children. They are my life and the reason I do the things that I do.
I am thankful that Bill and I have jobs that we like. Yes money is tight and yes we work hard, but we are doing things that we love and that can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. I am thankful for the support and help of my parents. My mom babysits Rebecca and Jacob while I work and she drives me back and forth to work since we are down to only one car. I am thankful that we have finally found a community to call our own. We moved from what many called "Gettosburg" to a nice family oriented community. Yes the community is not perfect, but it is right for our family. We have found jobs we like, a church that welco…

Our plan for gifts for Christmas

One thing I am trying to focus on this holiday season is to simplify gift giving. It seems like most kids that I know, or that I have known in my teaching career, are focused on how many presents they get and who has the best ones or the most. I find this very troubling. I don't want my children to grow up and to get into the habit of asking for TONS of presents every year. My husband and I have decided to simplify our gift giving plan for our children.

This is our plan for each child FROM SANTA...
One special gift (aka toy) from SantaStockings are from Santa (these will be filled with candy, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bubbles, new washcloths)On Christmas Eve, Santa will leave a new pair of pajamas and a copy of "The Night Before Christmas" under the tree to be opened before bedFROM DEAR HUSBAND AND I...
a gift of reading...this year the kids are getting 3 books each that I won on a blog giveawaya game or a puzzle to play with....this year it will be puzzles which I got us…

My $300 unplanned weekend...ughhh

So on Saturday my husband said he was going to get the oil changed in Columbus while he was on his way to his work assignment. Ok whatever. It was time for it. He calls me later and says that the tires on the car are wobbly and that he had the oil change place rotate the tires because they needed it. The man cannot get away with just having the oil changed....He called the place back and they said it was because there was a nut missing on the back of one of the front tires, but it was perfectly safe to drive, etc. Now keep in mind we live an hour away from this oil change place.
Sunday morning I go out to put the car seats back in the car, and I notice that one of the hubcaps is coming away from the tire. I go in and tell Bill and he says he would call the oil change place. He calls and they say that he can take it to any of their places and they will rotate the tires back for free but that it is still safe to drive. Ok whatever. So he takes me and the kids to church and he comes bac…

Book Review:: Lowcountry Summer

One of my favorite hobbies is Reading. I have recently tried to incorporate more time for reading into my life because I find I get more out of it than say watching TV, spending time online, or doing other things. I have fallen in love again with our library.....

On the last trip to the library I was excited to see that Dorothea Benton Frank had a new book recently published. I had high expectations for "Lowcountry Summer" I have read and enjoyed many of Frank's books, including "Isle of Palms," and "Sullivan's Island." "Lowcountry Summer" follows the life of Caroline Wimbly Levine as she deals with being the matron of a plantation and as she interacts with her grieving brother, his four daughters from hell, her son and his older girlfriend, her various lovers--including the pig farmer with a bad heart and the policeman, her drunk sister-in-law, and her drunk ex-husband. The story follows her escapades with each character and their inter…


Ever wonder what happens to your facebook account once you die? is a service that I was introduced with through It is an interesting web application that allows you to say what you want to have happen to your online accounts after you die. You can even name an heir to your facebook accounts. It is a morbid, but interesting thing to think about. You can decided how you want your facebook account handled and make your wishes can do this using the facebook app! It is easy to sign up and let your final wishes known. One less thing for us facebook addicts to worry about! ;)

REVIEW::: Glade Winter Collection candles

I am a BzzAgent. What that means is that I am offered products to review and try out and in turn I tell others about that product.

One of the latest products that I received to review was an apple cinnamon candle from the Glade Winter Collection products.  I was given the opportunity through to sample Glade's new holiday candle collection.

Let me tell you this Glade candle smells just like Christmas. It brought back memories of putting up the Christmas tree at my Grandma's house years ago.   It smells like a yummy homemade apple pie cooling on Grandma's counter.
I have tried numerous brands of candles in the past, both expensive ones and dollar store ones. I found that with most candles the scent is only there for the first half hour or so of burning and then it fades the more you use the candle. Not so with the Glade apple cinnamon candle. The first time I burned it, I lit it for over 1 hour and the scent was just right the whole time- not too strong and not…


I am a BzzAgent. What that means is that I am offered products to review and try out and in turn I tell others about that product.

One of the latest products I received to try was the Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh toothpaste.

I was skeptical about using this toothpaste. I have very sensitive gums and there are some toothpastes on the market that I cannot use because they irritate my gums. I decided to try this toothpaste out though as has lots of outstanding qualities that made me think that it would be gentle on my gums and teeth. These qualities included
all naturaldoes not contain alcoholwas in a great flavor--peppermint (it also comes in Spearmint Ice, which I have NOT tried)is made by a company that shows through their practices that they care for the environment and not just making money or a profitSo....I tried it....and.....I LOVED IT!!!! The toothpaste has just the right amount of flavor. It was not overpowering. The Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh toothpaste left my teeth…

Shutterfly Rocks!!!

So in all the chaos of life, I realized that Thanksgiving is next week! Christmas is shortly after that! YIKES!!! I have been trying to figure out a plan to have an easy stress free holiday this year. One of the things that I am implementing is buying a lot of our presents and cards online. Presents are 95% done! Now on to our Christmas cards......this is always a bone of contention with my husband and I. The last couple years I have done a regular card and then added a picture of the kids inside. So I was paying for cards and for photos to be printed. Last year I did a photo card where you added the picture into the front of the card like a frame. There are 2 things I noticed. First, the price of the cards and getting the photos developed is getting more and more expensive every year. Second, when I would go to people's houses I would see the picture of the kids hanging on the mantel or on the refrigerator and usually the card itself was thrown away. That seems like a waste to me…

I've been MIA.....

Time just seems to fly. I have been so busy the last couple months that writing on the blog seems to get pushed to the last of the to-do list and then I am too tired to do it. It is something that I enjoy so I am going to try to get back into posting at least a couple times a week at minimum. I have been so busy the last couple months. Some of the highlights include:

Working part time at my school job-- this is going great! I love the work and the kids are great. I have been only getting about 12-15 hours a week but that is okay.Dear Hubby found a new job that was a lot closer to our new home. Before he was driving 60+ minutes ONE way to work. Now he is the new Sports Editor of our local newspaper and he literally drives 3 minutes to work! And he is back into doing what his college degree is in and what he loves :) This change has meant that I have started cooking more and just doing more around the house.There was a 2 week period where Dear Hubby, Rebecca and Jacob all had the stomach…