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Catholic Schools Week 2013

My daughter attends a Catholic School. The same school that I work at after school. She typically wears a uniform every day, which means it is easy for me to know what she is wearing to school. Well there are certain days during the year that the kids get to dress down. One of those events occured this is "Catholic Schools Week," which is basically a weeklong celebration of how Catholic schools are great. It is kind of like spirit week in high school.

One of the highlights of Catholic Schools week is the different themes to the days. This year was no exception.

We had....





Friday, is a uniform day and the kids have to bring in food items for the poor in our area as a service. They are also having a mass with the Bishop, which is a very special treat for the kids and not something that normally happens.

Does your school celebrate a spirit type week?

Ear infection, chicken pox, life, etc.

It has been a while since I have updated this here blog. Life has happened and it kept getting pushed to the wayside....

Here are a few highlights of what has been keeping me busy...
we have been dealing with softball practices and games Jacob getting a high fever and being diagnosed with an ear infection,allergies affecting BenjaminJacob coming down with a rash that started on his feet (we thought it was hand, foot and mouth disease at first)Benjamin coming down with the same type of rash as Jacob (starting at his feet, then moving up to his butt)Figuring out that it was NOT hand, foot and mouth disease but rather chicken pox. The boys have had the vaccine, but apparently they can still get it. They were unknowingly (by us) exposed to it at one of Rebecca's softball games by a brother of one of her teammates, whom Jacob was sharing a ball with and sitting right next to and playing with. (the same little boy who was being sent to school for 2 weeks with the rash, without his parent…

My HUGE to-do list

The past few weeks have been crazy busy....with work, trying to find time to start a 5K training program, softball for Rebecca...etc....That also means that the house really hasn't had more than a slight cleaning up and it is showing.

My plan for today was to go to the grocery store this morning, but then it FINALLY decided to rain (hopefully bringing in cooler temperatures!) so I figured we can go 1 more day before I have to go. Granted our fridge and freezer are pretty bare but we can make due until tomorrow morning.

For I am taking this as a sign that the house needs to get cleaned this morning. So on my agenda this morning consists of:

clean the downstairs bathroom
     -clean and sanitize toilet
     -clean and sanitize potty training seat
     -sweep floor
      -empty trash
      -clean sink area and hang fresh towel
      -clean up floor near sink
clean mudroom
      -clear off tops of bins and put things away where they belong
      -take inventory of pantry

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

So many times during my C25K workouts the last week, this song appeared in my head and I have been singing it every day since. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! This C25K program is hard, but I am doing it and I will succeed.

Have a great day!

Sunday Night Chit Chat

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!  And since it is Sunday, it is time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla! To play along simply start your post with a photo or quote... Copy and paste the starters and link up to Carla so she and others can visit you and see what you've been up to!

So here goes:

Reading? Listening to?  The TV is on to Paw Patrol (a kids cartoon). The kids being nuts! Watching? The kids are watching cartoons. I watched football with my dear hubby earlier. Unfortunately the Packers lost to the 49ers! :( Cooking/Baking? Tonight for dinner I made cheeseburgers and veggies. Really should make some muffins or bread soon, but have to get baking soda at the store first.Happy you accomplished this week? started the C25K trainingLooking forward to next week? This is going to be another busy, busy week. School pictures are tomorrow. Hopefully will get into a routine soon with life. Thankful for today? Simple Sundays spent with my family.   *Bonus Question* Do …

C25K...Am I insane??

Last March/April, I made a bet with my husband in conjunction with "March Madness." If I won the tournament bracket challenge, he had to give up all fast food. If he won the challenge, I would have to train and run a 5K. I HATE running! I will say it again, I HATE running! I am not built to be a  runner.

Well....I lost the bet......

Bill was kind enough to give me a year to pay off the bet.

Fast forward to the beginning of September. With hubby having trained and run in his half marathon, I figured I had better start training and getting ready to pay off my bet.

I decided that it was time to do this because I gained some weight over the summer and I just don't feel good about myself.

So I did some research, talked to some friends who are runners, and over and over I was given the "Couch to 5K" program to try.

I googled the program and decided to follow the training program here. Basically you start by interspersing walking and short running and then each w…

Summer Bucket List Final Check-in

At the beginning of the summer, I made a summer family bucket list that listed things that I wanted to do with our family. I was doing this as a way to be intentional with how we spent our time over the summer and not just end up watching TV and lounging around. Well it is now September 6-- AFTER LABOR DAY, so after the end of I thought I would do a check-in to see how we did and what did we accomplish! 2013 Summer Family Bucket List
Visit the Zoo-DONE!
Wash the car/van by hand with the kids' help-DONE!
Play at the park at least once every 2 weeks--DONE!
Have a picnic on a blanket on the grass-- Nope--although we did have at least 3 picnics on picnic tables at the park.
Go to Chuck E. Cheese---DONE!
Catholic Kidz Camp for Rebecca (Vacation Bible School)---DONE! She had a blast!
Make Smores in the sun--NOPE
Pick strawberries---DONE!
Eat lunch on the porch---NOPE
Play tag in the yard--NOPE
Go to the library at least once every 2 weeks--DONE!.
Attend the Knox County Fair…

Lysol Power and Free Cleaners! (review)

One of the things that I hate the most about deep cleaning is the overwhelming smell of bleach and chemicals. I especially notice this now that I have kids. Well I don't need to worry any more...

Lysol® Power & Free™ delivers more cleaning power than bleach— without the harshness! The cleaners are powered by hydrogen peroxide (which turns into water and oxygen as it attacks tough stains), so you get a pristine home that’s free from harmful fumes and chemical residue.

I was recently given the opportunity from Bzzagent to try these wonderful cleaners. And I was impressed. I grew up thinking that the whole house had to smell like bleach in order for it to be considered clean. Well no more....

I took the Lysol Power and Free Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes and used them clean my stove vent. You know the vent...over the stove that gets icky with grease buildup and just dusty and gross.

Here is my before:

SO GROSS!!! It was sticky and the buildup didn't move at all with a normal p…

A little bit of this and that.....

Sorry for the unannounced blogging happens and time got away from me. At the end of the day I was just too tired to write.....I hope to get into a better routine this week. We will see....

My days have been filled with housework, being back to work, making sure Rebecca has what she needs done for first grade (book bag packed, lunch packed, gym bag packed, etc.), potty training Jacob (yes it is still on going), trying to get into a routine of when to go grocery shopping and when to go snack shopping for work, trying to get into a rhythm of scheduling with hubby's work schedule and my own schedule, etc.

We have also been spending a lot of time at the softball field with Rebecca. Last week she had 2 games and 2 practices....

Also I have decided that in order to pay off a bet with my dear Hubby, I began the "Couch to 5K" program yesterday.(Yeah, I am just a little sore today! LOL)

So life is going on...I have so much I want to do in regards to finances, worki…