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Books that I read for fun in March 2015

Last year, I spent the last half of the year documenting the books that I read for fun.  I have decided that I need to continue that as reading is important part of how I relax. Books that I read for fun are books that I have not been asked to review and that I have chosen to read, well because I like to read.

After reading a ton in February for fun and mainly because of being sick and therefore not getting much else done, I didn't get as much read in March. However, I did get some things read and so  here is what I read for fun in March.... (Disclaimer: if you click on the book picture, it takes you to the page on Amazon.)

Here are the books I read for fun in:

February 2015January 2015
Books from 2014

Have you read any good books lately?

Spring Break 2015-- Monday

Well today officially starts Spring Break for the kids and I for this year. We are off school/ work through next Monday. We don't have any plans to go anywhere (why is it that this year it seems like EVERYONE we know is going away for break?). Oh well, that doesn't mean that we are going to have a boring break though. I am going to try to do something fun with the kids each day.

Today, we decided to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and some afternoon gaming fun. I will preface this by saying I do not like Chuck E. Cheese. The mouse is creepy, the games noisy and the food overpriced and not that great. But the kids love it (well Rebecca does) and she wanted to go. To make it a little more enjoyable for Rebecca, we invited her best friend and her friend's sister to come with us. After picking them up at their house, we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese.

Rebecca had a blast running around and playing with her friends. Benjamin just liked running around the restaurant. Jac…

Father/ Daughter Dance 2015

Saturday night, Rebecca's American Heritage Girl troop was sponsoring a  Father/Daughter dance for the girls in our church and school.  This dance had originally been scheduled for February, however we had to reschedule due to a snow storm that particular weekend. The theme was "Frozen in Time." Rebecca got all dressed up to go with Bill, and she picked out the outfit for Bill to wear. She wanted him to wear a suit! The last time Bill wore his suit was a year ago when he joined the Catholic Church. He reached into his pocket and found Easter candy from last year! LOL

As I was taking their pictures, the boys kept trying to get into the pictures, so I had to take one with them in it as well...

When Bill and Rebecca got back home, they both said they had a blast. There were a ton of people there and the music was good. One of the priests at our parish, Father Vince, was the DJ for the night as the DJ we originally hired wasn't available for our makeup date. I am so glad…

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday! I am feeling pretty good today as I got a lot accomplished this past weekend. Of course there are bumps in the road, as Jacob is home from school today with a fever, but we can deal. One of the big things I did this weekend was clean out the boys' toys and I am researching chore charts for Rebecca and Jacob. I am tired of having to yell at them to stop arguing and clean up every night so thought that a chore chart may save my sanity. We shall see. I will share when I put them into place. 

Anyhow, now we are at Monday and I haven't participated in Sandra's "Happy Homemaker Monday" theme in a while, so I thought that is what I would do today....

The Weather outside is::::
It is currently sunny out. It is supposed to get up to 70 degrees today! YAHOO! Hopefully that means the last of the ice/snow will be gone by tonight.
On the breakfast plate this morning:::
I had 2 fried eggs, a sausage patty, and a large serving of cantaloupe, and water. 
As I look outsid…

Life happenings....

Life goes on....I think I am FINALLY at a point where I feel like I am no longer trying to play catch up from being sick. Now I just feel like I am running 100,000 miles an hour 24/7. But that is just how life is I guess.

Let's see what has been going on:

I am back to work to my normal work hours mostly. I say mostly because there was an extra hour in a shift due to in service, there was a day off due to a snow day, and there was no school this past Friday for teacher in service day. Add in my snack shopping duties and I am back pretty much like I was before I got sick and had my kidney stone surgery. Oh and did I mention that we have had record numbers of kids the last week....makes for a tiring work shift!

I have been tutoring at least 3 days week. I am tutoring my adult neighbor who needs to improve his spelling and writing skills in order to get into the career path he wants to be in. It is pretty easy for me, however it does take 3 hours out of my week.

There has been a lot …

Update on how things are going with me

I am so glad that February has come and gone. I really don't want to deal with that kind of month again for a long time. The sad thing is that I know so many people in real life and in the world of blogging who have gone through bad months or are facing challenges.

I still am not into a good rhythm with my recovery from my kidney stone surgery and the flu. The weather has continued to wreak havoc on things. We have had numerous meetings in regards to Benjamin and just the regular things of getting back to work, daily household tasks, tutoring, etc. that keeps my life interesting and always on the go.But I thought I would just do a quick update as to what is going on...

Personally, I am feeling almost 100%. I am back at work everyday, as of this week. Although today we had a snow day so I have the day off. The students, their parents, my coworkers and my boss were really glad to see me back, which makes me feel good.  Work has been crazy busy...we had 48 kids from K-8 and 12 prescho…