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Happy Homemaker Monday--it's been awhile!

It is Monday again, which means that it’s "Happy Homemaker Monday," a project which is hosted by Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Each week, she hosts "Happy Homemaker Monday" as a way to highlight what is going on in her world. This week I have decided to join in....It has been quite a while since I did one of these...back in March to be exact! Wowsers! Well no time like the present to join back in right? So here is a little glimpse into my world on this Monday!  The Weather::: Yesterday was GORGEOUS!!!! It was in the high 60s and sunny. Today is supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny. I just went out to get the mail and there is no humidity; it is gorgeous outside. Just checked the weekly forecast and this week is all partly cloudy with highs in the mid 70s! I will take it.

Right now I am:
Writing this blog post. Listening to Rebecca and Jacob watch "Super Why" as they are trying to figure out the phrase of the day. Feeling Benjamin pulling himself up behin…

Sweet note from hubby

The other morning I woke up to find this note waiting for me in the kitchen. It is from my dear hubby. Isn't he sweet? :) I love that man! Definitely a good way to start the day!

Our visit to the Knox County Fair 2013

One of our traditions since moving to our community 3 years ago is to go to the county fair one afternoon during the week that it is being put on. Well this year was no exception. This past Thursday we packed the kids up and headed down  the road to the fair!

The weather was perfect...not too humid, sunny and warm! Which meant we started out our afternoon with a bit of sunscreen being put on.

Then we went and saw the sites, including lots of farm animals. One of the first things we did was go through the "merchant's building" where different stores and organizations have booths. At one of the booths by a local craft store, the kids were able to make sand art crafts in bottles.  They loved doing it!

The kids played the balloon pop game and won a prize. Rebecca won a pink monkey and Jacob won a blue whale. At $5 per game, we only let them each play 1 game, and surprisingly they were okay with that.

Then we went and let them ride a ride. Jacob wanted to ride on this spin…

Mommy's Day Out

This morning, a very good friend of mine, who also happens to be Benjamin's Godmother, gave me the gift of a couple of hours of being kid free. She had my 3 children at her house so that I could run errands or do whatever I wanted. It was so generous of her....

So I went and got a work physical done (has to be done every 3 years) at one of the walk in clinics here in town. Then I went and "splurged" on an sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonald's. (I guess that is what it calls doing something for me....LOL)  Then, I went to Goodwill. I had 2 large boxes and 2 bags full of stuff to drop off and donate. I decided to browse while I was there and I was able to get a few goodies....

I bought some shirts for me (3 of which were half off!) , 2 dresses for Rebecca, a book for Jacob($0.49!) , a cup for me to take drinks into work when work starts back in August, a NEW "Horrid Henry" book for Rebecca that I will put away for Christmas (for $0.50!) , a couple wall hanging…

Ben really likes the TV

Over the past couple of days, I have spent the majority of my day removing Benjamin from being right in front of the TV. He loves to pull himself up to the TV and watch it. Even when the TV is off, he pulls himself up and waves at his reflection. I move him away and he goes straight back over to it. It has become a game to him, I think. I think I am hoping he outgrows this really fast! LOL

If anyone has any suggestions for keeping him away from the TV, I am all ears....

Gotta go....I have to move him away from the TV again.....

Banana Blueberry Bread

With the weather being hot and humid these days, bananas tend to go bad quicker than we can eat them in our house. Even if I only buy a few, they still seem to get brown before we get to the last one or two. (And believe me, we eat a lot of bananas in our house!)

Well I have more than enough in the freezer for I had to make something the other day when I had 2 bananas that were either going to be made into something or thrown away.....

I decided to make banana bread....then because I could I decided to throw some frozen blueberries into it as well....

The said by my 6 year old daughter. "This is the best bread ever!" :)

So I figured I would share the recipe with you, because I can't be the only one with the problem of bananas going really ripe really quickly....

This makes 2 loaves. We ate one of ours, and I froze the other one for later.

Banana-Blueberry Bread

1 1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup margarine softened
2 large eggs
1/2 cup buttermilk (I u…

I tried a new recipe

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the new books at the library and I came across one by one of my favorite bloggers...

I was super excited to check it out and try some of the recipes in it!

Well, this past week I tried her "Vegetable Bolognese" sauce that is in this cookbook and it was AWESOME!!!

Her recipe said it served 6-8 people. Well, it made a TON. That is a large chili pot filled almost to the top. We ate about 1/3 of it over pasta and I froze the rest. I served it over pasta and we had some chedder garlic bread that I bought at our farmer's market that morning.

And the verdict was....WE LOVED IT!!!!! Even my hubby and kids, who will NOT eat anything that has eggplant in it, ate it and RAVED about it! Hubby even said that if he ever sees eggplant in the house, then it better be because I was making that sauce! LOL

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Sunday Night Chit Chat

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!  And since it is Sunday, it is time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla! To play along simply start your post with a photo or quote... Copy and paste the starters and link up to Carla so she and others can visit you and see what you've been up to!

So here goes:

Reading? I am currently reading "How We Love Our Kids: The 5 Love Styles of Parenting" by Milan and Kay YerkovichListening to?  The TV is on to Spongebob. The air conditioner is also on as it is HOT! Watching? The kids are watching "Spongebob" I dvr'ed the new series on Hallmark Channel last night "Cedar Cove." I love Debbie Macomber's books, so I am hoping this series is good as it is loosely based on some of her novels. Cooking/Baking? Tonight for dinner I made bratwurst, baked potatoes and green beans. I might make some banana bread or muffins tonight to use up some old bananas.Happy you accomplished this week? I sold most of the baby…

One of our family traditions at the zoo

Last week, while my dear hubby was on vacation, we took the kids to the Columbus Zoo. We had a blast. While we were there we embarqued on what has become a tradition anytime we go there...

It started way back when Bill and I were engaged, and we headed to the zoo. I conned him into getting his picture taken next to Pepe the penguin statue.

Every time since he poses next to the statue.

In 2007, Rebecca got added to the picture. 

And again in 2008 it was only Rebecca and Daddy.

Then in early 2010, it was Jacob's turn to join the picture. He was only a few months old.  Then in summer of 2012, it was Benjamin's turn to join in the photo with Daddy.  And finally, this year 2013, it was Bill, Benjamin, Rebecca and Jacob! It is amazing looking at the photos and seeing how the kids are growing and how my hubby is changing!.  I can't wait to see what the pictures of the future look like. Do you have any family traditions that are not associated with a holiday? Care to share…

Private Selection Great American Summer Fare (review)

It is summer time. Time for picnics and cookouts! Time for spending lazy days with your family and friends. During this time, you want to have some yummy eats!

To help you get started on your yummy eats, look no further than Kroger’s Private Selection brand of summer fare. Kroger’s Great American Summer fare includes:

Private Selection Angus Beef, which includes yummy steaks and ground angus for yummy burgers! Private Selection Artisan breads to add just the right touch to your summer picnicPrivate Selection Preserves to add that yumminess to your breakfast biscuitsPrivate Selection rubs, including Kicked Up Poultry, Sweet & Spicy, Peppercorn House, Texas BBQ, Citrus and Savory and Garlic Peppercorn Sear Crust to make your meats just right!Private Selection Dark Amber Maple Syrup to add just the right amount of sweetness to your dishPrivate Selection Panko Bread Crumbs to add a light and crispy breading to your meats
I was excited to get to try these products through…

Our anniversary

In 8 years of marriage I have come to realize that while he may not be perfect in everything, most of the time my hubby really does try to do the right thing and to make me feel special. I ran into a friend at the library yesterday morning, and she started talking about how her husband never does anything for her for their anniversary,  Mother's Day or any other day. Well not my hubby.

Yesterday was a nice day! Dear Hubby came home from work with some goodies for me....

a funny card...

some chocolate....

and some pretty pink carnations!


Then, last night Hubby and I went out without the kids for our anniversary dinner. We had a very nice time! We went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and had some yummy food. Hubby had ribs and shrimp combo, and I had Caribbean chicken and grilled green beans. It was good!

After dinner, we decided to go walk for awhile on the Kokosing Gap Trail. It was nice, just to walk and talk.

Overall, it was a lovely way to spend our 8th wedding annive…

Like Mother, Like Daughter

On Monday, I got up took a shower, got dressed and went into the boys' room to get them dressed. I told Rebecca to go get dressed for the day. She came in and was dressed just like me....down to her hair. It was really cute and made me think that she really does want to be like me. I just hope I don't let her down.

8 years ago today

8 years ago today I married my best friend.

8 years have gone by where we have been Mr. and Mrs.

8 years of struggle after struggle, and laugh after laugh.

8 years of dealing with day to day pressures of life.

8 years of spending day in and day out with my best friend.

8 years of being married.

Here's to many more 8 years to come!

Happy Anniversary to my one and only!

The Quarryman's Bride by Tracie Peterson (book review)

From the back cover:

Emmalyne Knox has always loved Tavin MacLachlan. But when tragedy strikes her family, Emmalyne's father declares she can no longer marry. Despite Tavin's pleas to defy the decision, Emmalyne refuses. In her act of obedience, she gives up the future she'd always dreamed of.

When Emmalyne's father returns to the quarry business years later, Tavin and Emmalyne meet again. And though circumstances have changed in both of their lives, they cannot deny the feelings that still exist. Can Emmalyne find a way to heal the decade-long wound that has fractured the two families...and change the hearts of those who stand in the way of true love?

My thoughts:

I have read and enjoyed several of Tracie Peterson’s books in the past, so I was looking forward to reading The Quarryman’s Bride. She did not disappoint.

The story follows the love between Emmalyne Knox and Tavin MacLachlan. Tragedy has caused their pending wedding to be cancelled and their lives are separa…

Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade (book review)

From the back cover:

When Meg Cole's father dies unexpectedly, she's forced to return home to Texas and to Whispering Creek Ranch to take up the reins of his empire. The last thing she has the patience or the sanity to deal with? Her father's Thoroughbred racehorse farm. She gives its manager, Bo Porter, six months to close the place down.

Bo knows he ought to resent the woman who's determined to take from him the only job he ever wanted. But instead of anger, Meg evokes within him a profound desire to protect. The more time he spends with her, the more he longs to overcome every obstacle that separates them and earn her love.

Just when Meg realizes she can no longer deny the depth of her feelings for Bo, their fragile bond is broken by a force from Meg's past. Can their relationship--and their belief that God can work through every circumstance--survive?

My thoughts:

Undeniably Yours focuses on the relationship between Meg Cole and Bo Porter. However, it also deals wi…

We went to the zoo!

Over the last couple of weeks the weather around here has been miserable...warm, muggy, humid, thunderstorms in the afternoon. You would think we lived in the tropical rain forests, and not in Central Ohio. Well Thursday the weather was much less humid, no rain in the forecast and it was only supposed to be about 80 degrees and sunny. We decided to take advantage of the weather and head to the zoo!

Columbus has a wonderful zoo and aquarium, that we try to visit at least once a year. It is a little pricey with admission (which for our family was $50, Ben was free) and gasoline (it is about 1 hour 10 minutes away), but it is well worth it. The last time we were there, Benjamin was only a couple of months old, so it was time to make another trip.

I am so glad we did. We had a great day!

We saw lots and lots of animals!

We rode the train ride.

The boys LOVED the aquarium. Rebecca liked seeing the hammerhead sharks that they had, even when two of them swam right towards where she was st…