Christmas movies watched so far this year

What do you do when the 5 month old that you babysit doesn't feel her best all week and needs/wants to be held ALL the time? You sit back, enjoy the baby cuddles, and watch bad Christmas movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 😊 Since I got to watch a phlethera of movies this week, I thought I would share a few so that if you find you've got some time you can enjoy them too! 

Not all of them were great, bu

St. Nick came bearing new ornaments

December 6 is the feast day of Saint Nicholas in the Catholic faith. We celebrate the feast of St. Nick here in our household in a similar way that has been tweaked over the past few years. On the evening of December 5, we read the story of Saint Nicholas and then have each member of the household leave a shoe out for St. Nick to fill overnight. The tradition the last few years has been for St. Nick to bring an ornament for the tree for each member and a treat. This year was no different. 

Last night, we read our St. Nicholas story. 

Then overnight, "St. Nick" came and brought the ornaments and treats.

This year, Bill received a leg lamp ornament. He has never had one and he loves the movie "A Christmas Story." He also received his favorite candy: Reese's cups. 

I received a Cleveland Indians Santa ornament. I also received Lindt truffles! Yummy! 

Rebecca received an emoji ornament and Hershey Milk Chocolate bar. 

Jacob received a football themed ornament and M&…

Old Fashioned Christmas Parade and awards

On Sunday, we headed down to our town square for their annual Christmas parade. Rebecca was walking it with her AHG troop. The boys and I headed out to watch her, while Bill took her to drop her off and to help with getting the parade started. Here are a few photos I took of this beautiful, but cold day. 

Rebecca's troop was dressed all in old fashioned costumes to fit with the theme. They won 2 awards for their troop--- they won the award for the "Best Youth Club and Organization." And they won the "Dan Emmett Best Overall" trophy which is the parade's top honor!  The girls were so cute! 

My parents came to watch the parade as well. Rebecca was happy to see them. 

It was a cold day, but a very fun and sweet way to help kick off the holiday season!

Getting crafty!

On Sunday Rebecca walked in our town's Christmas parade with her American Heritage Girls troop. The theme for this year's parade was "An Old Fashioned Christmas." So the girls decided to just dress old fashioned with long skirts, capes and bonnets. Instead of buying items, we decided to make do with what we had and to make the items instead. 

I had a plaid fleece blanket that we have had downstairs in our basement never used for over 2 years that I knew I could convert to a cape. A friend posted a photo on Facebook of a bonnet that she had made using cereal boxes and duct tape. I asked my sister to help as she is an art therapy student and she came over on Friday to help Rebecca make her bonnet. The things that you can make with a cereal box, duct tape, a wire hanger, felt and ribbon. 

On Saturday night, I made Rebecca's cape and using another cereal box made a muff for her as well. I think they turned out really cute! 

Rebecca was happy with it and no money out of …

Happy 11th birthday Rebecca!

11 years ago I became a first time mom with the birth of our precious Rebecca. These 11 years have been a wild ride, through the stages of baby, toddler, preschooler, elementary kid and now entering the age of being a pre-teen. I can't believe she is 11. When will time slow down?

This morning before I took her to school, I asked her 20 questions to see what is going on in her mind today as she turns 11. Here are her answers: 

1. Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

2. What is your favorite color? 

3. What is your favorite television show?
The Dude Perfect Show

4. What's your favorite outfit?

Thanksgiving 2017

Despite all the stress that we have been under, we were able to have a lovely Thanksgiving day. We spent the morning just relaxing and watching some of the the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Then it was off to the park for a walk. I needed to get out of the house and the sun was out for a bit. It was chilly but felt good to get outside.

The kids were excited because they found several painted rocks on our walk. 

Then it was time to head to my parents' house for dinner. My mom cooked all the dinner this year, except for the 2 birthday cakes that I made. We were in extra thankful mode this year as my younger brother (5 years younger than me) had a minor heart attack 2 weeks ago and had to have 2 stents put in. This year it was just family around the table---my mom, my dad, Bill, the kids and I, my brother Joe, his wife and their 3 kids, and my brother Josh and my sister Mary. It was a yummy dinner full of laughs and lots of love.