Monday, March 23, 2015

Father/ Daughter Dance 2015

Saturday night, Rebecca's American Heritage Girl troop was sponsoring a  Father/Daughter dance for the girls in our church and school.  This dance had originally been scheduled for February, however we had to reschedule due to a snow storm that particular weekend. The theme was "Frozen in Time." Rebecca got all dressed up to go with Bill, and she picked out the outfit for Bill to wear. She wanted him to wear a suit! The last time Bill wore his suit was a year ago when he joined the Catholic Church. He reached into his pocket and found Easter candy from last year! LOL

As I was taking their pictures, the boys kept trying to get into the pictures, so I had to take one with them in it as well...

When Bill and Rebecca got back home, they both said they had a blast. There were a ton of people there and the music was good. One of the priests at our parish, Father Vince, was the DJ for the night as the DJ we originally hired wasn't available for our makeup date. I am so glad that Bill and Rebecca had some good father/ daughter time!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday! I am feeling pretty good today as I got a lot accomplished this past weekend. Of course there are bumps in the road, as Jacob is home from school today with a fever, but we can deal. One of the big things I did this weekend was clean out the boys' toys and I am researching chore charts for Rebecca and Jacob. I am tired of having to yell at them to stop arguing and clean up every night so thought that a chore chart may save my sanity. We shall see. I will share when I put them into place. 

Anyhow, now we are at Monday and I haven't participated in Sandra's "Happy Homemaker Monday" theme in a while, so I thought that is what I would do today....

The Weather outside is::::

It is currently sunny out. It is supposed to get up to 70 degrees today! YAHOO! Hopefully that means the last of the ice/snow will be gone by tonight.

On the breakfast plate this morning:::

I had 2 fried eggs, a sausage patty, and a large serving of cantaloupe, and water. 

As I look outside my window:::

I see sunshine and mud. LOL. I will take the mud because that means the snow has melted.

Right now I am :::

Typing up this post, coming up with a plan B for dinner as I am out of sour cream, and listening to the boys playing and waiting for the washer to stop. 

As I look around the house:::

The house is not in bad shape. I really decluttered the toys this weekend and this morning so it is pretty clean. I need to put dishes away from last night and clean around my desk (which is never ending). 

On today's to do list:::

Menu plan
Write at least 1 book review
1 load of laundry (washed, dried, folded and put away)
Work on chore charts for kids

Currently reading:::

Nothing right now. I have 4 books that I have finished that I need to review. Look for those review later this week! 

On the TV:::

I have 2 episodes of "Chasing Life" to watch to be caught up.
I also will be DVRing "Bringing Up Bates" and "19 Kids and Counting"    

On the menu this week:::

Italian sausage, baked beans and salad
chicken enchiladas and spanish rice and salad
spaghetti and meat sauce
fish, baked potatoes, mac and cheese and broccoli
cajun chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn

What am I creating at the moment:::

Chore charts for the kiddos

Favorite photo from the camera: 


Prayers, Inspirational quotes or devotionals:::

Praying for those who are sick both physically and mentally. 

Hope everyone has a great week!   

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life happenings....

Life goes on....I think I am FINALLY at a point where I feel like I am no longer trying to play catch up from being sick. Now I just feel like I am running 100,000 miles an hour 24/7. But that is just how life is I guess.

Let's see what has been going on:

I am back to work to my normal work hours mostly. I say mostly because there was an extra hour in a shift due to in service, there was a day off due to a snow day, and there was no school this past Friday for teacher in service day. Add in my snack shopping duties and I am back pretty much like I was before I got sick and had my kidney stone surgery. Oh and did I mention that we have had record numbers of kids the last week....makes for a tiring work shift!

I have been tutoring at least 3 days week. I am tutoring my adult neighbor who needs to improve his spelling and writing skills in order to get into the career path he wants to be in. It is pretty easy for me, however it does take 3 hours out of my week.

There has been a lot of extra things I have had to plan a head for for my kids, including Jacob had snack week (which involves sending snacks into his preschool class for the whole class, and I cannot send any milk products in due to an allergy). Rebecca had 4 different dress down days to plan for (mission dress down, spring picture day, pajama day and AHG uniform day). I had to take Benjamin to speech and to a WIC appointment. I have had to take 2 cakes to school each of the last 2 Fridays for fish dinners.

Oh and throw in an American Heritage Girls meeting into the mix as well. That was fun as it was the first time the troop wore their uniforms to the meeting and they were all so excited to do so including Rebecca.

Bill has been working A LOT of hours (it is winter tournament time) and so that adds another level of craziness to our schedule. Yesterday he was gone most of the day to Columbus to cover state wrestling tournament and he went to visit his mother to check in on her. About a week and a half ago, she fell down a set of marble staircase at a theater and broke a bone in her neck, her shoulder, a couple of ribs and her kneecap. She is very lucky to have only had that happen, as she is 83 years old. He stopped by to see how she was doing and surprisingly, Bill said she is doing very well, all things considered. 

With all of this going on and the everyday business of life (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc) we have been crazy busy around here and looks like things will continue on that path for the foreseeable future...At least it keeps life interesting!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Update on how things are going with me


I am so glad that February has come and gone. I really don't want to deal with that kind of month again for a long time. The sad thing is that I know so many people in real life and in the world of blogging who have gone through bad months or are facing challenges.

I still am not into a good rhythm with my recovery from my kidney stone surgery and the flu. The weather has continued to wreak havoc on things. We have had numerous meetings in regards to Benjamin and just the regular things of getting back to work, daily household tasks, tutoring, etc. that keeps my life interesting and always on the go. But I thought I would just do a quick update as to what is going on...

Personally, I am feeling almost 100%. I am back at work everyday, as of this week. Although today we had a snow day so I have the day off. The students, their parents, my coworkers and my boss were really glad to see me back, which makes me feel good.  Work has been crazy busy...we had 48 kids from K-8 and 12 preschool kids after school yesterday. To give you an idea when I started working there 5 years ago, we thought a big day was 20 kids total for preschool through 8th grade. But that is a good thing I guess....means job security. 

Physically, I am only drinking water, water with lemon and an occasional Sprite. I am really trying to make sure I drink a lot of water, which is hard for me. But if it means that is lessens my chances of having to go through kidney stones again then I am all for it. 

As of weight loss.....well I have fallen off the bandwagon. I really need to find motivation to get back on track. It is so hard since I am a stress eater and this past month has been on stress filled thing after another. When I weighed myself this morning I was up 3 lbs! Blah! 

So needless to say, personally I am glad that February is over and March is here. Hopefully this month will be better for me and so many others that I know that had a bad February. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Books that I read for fun in February 2015

Last year, I spent the last half of the year documenting the books that I read for fun. I have decided that I need to continue that as reading is important part of how I relax.

So here are the books that I have read for fun in February and that helped me keep my mind off of being sick and having kidney stones.... (Disclaimer: if you click on the book picture, it takes you to the page on Amazon.)

Here are the books I read for fun in:

January 2015
Books from 2014

Have you read any good books lately?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Love Centered Parenting by Maria Gavriel



Our modern culture has lowered the volume on our inner voice. We, as parents, are often left disempowered and unclear about our parenting choices. What exactly has been muffling that inner voice, and where do we go from here? Love Centered Parenting offers friendly guidance to help you find your own inner wisdom, so that you hear it loudly and clearly during your parenting journey. It is an intimate share about fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleep issues, diet, natural healing, and healthy choices-encouraging you to tune into your own intuition, while reaching out to community to support you. As you read through this book, you will be reminded to tap into your innate intelligence so that you are left feeling empowered with your conscious parenting choices. 


Maria Gavriel's book is a refreshing read for those who are expecting a child or in the newborn phase of parenting. Love Centered Parenting is broken into 2 parts. The first part talks about Gavriel's own journey to motherhood and what it means to invite a child into your body and into your life at delivery. After each chapter, Gavriel invites her readers to do a simple meditation that is based on the chapter that you just read. I like how she broke part 1 into talking about how hard it was to conceive, how to have a natural healthy pregnancy, the different approaches to delivery and how each woman has the right to decide for themselves and for their families what their roles should be after the baby is born--whether they should go to work or not-- and how women should not feel guilt about their own decisions. 

The second half of Love Centered Parenting, gives a spiritual and holistic approach to raising your infant. The topics include sleep patterns, breastfeeding, having a healthy diet, whether or not vaccination is right for you, etc. While I did not agree with every point Gavriel made, I never felt like I was being lectured as I was reading. In fact, I felt that she would tell me that it would be okay to disagree with some of her points; in fact she writes "So take from this book what you like and what resonates with you. Then feel free to tweak what you learned and customize it according to your own and your family's needs."(p.157)

I loved her main message that ultimately it is up to the parents to believe that they know what is best for their child and for their family.  will admit that I wasn't sure if I would get a lot out of this book. We are done with the trying to conceive stage of our lives and are currently enjoying parenting and raising 3 children--ages 8, 5 and 2. However, it was refreshing to hear someone else solidify what I have felt. My husband and I as parents know what is best for our children and for our family and it is with help from resources such as Gavriel's book that we can gain confidence in our parenting abilities. 

I received this book for free from Westwind Book Marketing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's been cold and snowy....

This past week it has been COLD! In fact according to one of our local weathermen, it has been the coldest 10 day stretch since 1886! That is ridiculous. 

Thursday that kids did not have school since the temperature was so cold. Seriously messed up our plans for the day but what are you going to do? Friday, the kids didn't have school again, as the heat in half of the building was not working. Not good when it is -10 degrees outside. 

As for me, Thursday, I had to make 2 cakes for the kids' school Lenten fish dinners. I do this every year. Friday, I had to go out and deliver them to school. I also had to make 48 white chocolate dipped oreos for the school's father/daughter dance on Saturday. 

Saturday morning, we woke up to LOTS of snow on the ground and it was still snowing pretty heavily. I think in all total we got at least 7 they postponed the father/daughter dance to the future. Rebecca was upset as she had been so looking forward to it, but she understood. The good news was that the temperature finally made it above freezing, so Bill was able to take the kids outside to play while I fixed dinner. It was good for them to get out of the house. And after dinner, the kids had cake that I made since Rebecca was upset about the dance being cancelled.  (I guess I will take the oreos to my work as I DON'T need them in our house!)

Today, it was a matter of trying to dig out....This morning, Benjamin spent much of the morning being a "Ben in a bin" as he decided to sit in one of the toy bins and play. He played like that for over an hour. It was so funny. 

Bill was able to take the kids out again this afternoon while Ben and I stayed in and I gave Benjamin a bath and put laundry away. 

We are looking at much of the same weather next week...COLD! Just saw that we are under a wind chill advisory for tonight. 

Oh well. It is winter in Ohio and we just have to deal. 

I hope that wherever you are, it is warmer than here and that everyone is well! Hope everyone had a great Sunday!