Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Craft show shopping and walking among the leaves

Saturday morning, Rebecca and I had to get up bright and early to go help set up for a craft show that her American Heritage Girls troop was sponsoring. I helped them to sign in vendors and Rebecca helped some of the vendors set up their tables. 

At 10:30 we headed back home to get the boys as Bill had to leave for work. The boys were going crazy and weren't listening, etc. It was crazy and I knew it was going to be a day that they needed to be kept busy. So, we left once again, this time with the boys in tow, to meet up with my mom and sister to actually go to shop at the craft fair.  There was 28 vendors there and there was a good split between crafters and direct sales people.

I ended up getting a few things.  I spent $10 on a grab bag from a Perfectly Posh vendor that I actually knew. Inside was a lip cream, a sample of their soap, and the blue shower loofah thingy. I also spent $7 at the snack shack to get the kids some snacks and bottles of water to have while we were there. I also bought a little bottle of stress away spray for pillows for my husband (for $3) that was a blend of some essential oils (which he used last night and said that it helped him to sleep!). My mom bought the kids the bags of homemade caramels, the Scentsy bar in "Amazon Rain" scent, and the Tastefully Simple brownie mix. I was given the little owl hand-warmer by one of the vendors as I was sitting by the door when they were signing in and he asked if I was cold and I said not really, just my hands. He then came back and gave me the owl (he was selling them as well). So overall, I came home with a few things. 

After we left the craft fair, I got the kids McDonald's for lunch and we came home to eat. On a side note, I love McDonald's biscuit sandwiches and I am glad that they offer them now with their All-day breakfast menu! Yummy! 

After lunch, I decided the kids needed to be doing something out, so we headed out to the library to get them books. Rebecca LOVES to read and almost always has her nose in a book. Jacob loves to look at sports books and Benjamin loves "Thomas the Train" books. 

We got home about 5 minutes before Bill got home. After he got home, the kids were being crazy again and so I suggested we head out to the Kokosing Gap Trail to take advantage of the sunshine and to take a walk. 

It was a little chilly, but a lovely way to spend an hour crunching leaves and just talking and walking. We ended up walking a total of 3 miles! I will admit that Sunday my legs were sore in church. 

That evening, we had a rough night, with kids being whiny and irriatable and getting in trouble. They went to bed early and Bill went to bed early and I fell asleep on the couch watching the Cubs/Dodgers game. 

Thankfully, Sunday was more low key with church and just spending a low key day at home! 

How was your weekend? 
What do you do when the kids get crazy?

Monday, October 24, 2016


I was going to post a happy homemaker monday post today but Jacob decided to share his stomach flu bug with me. I feel awful. So will be back tomorrow hopefully!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Off to the pumpkin patch we went...

Monday afternoon, we found that we had a free afternoon. The kids were home from school. My tutoring session got cancelled. Ben's OT appointment got cancelled. So, we decided to head out to the orchard where we picked apples, to let the kids pick pumpkins for Halloween. Rebecca and Benjamin had NEVER been to a pumpkin patch and Jacob had only been once with his preschool. In fact, Bill and I had never been to a pumpkin patch in the 12+ years that we have been together. 

The weather was perfect (mid 80s and sunny!). We met up with my mom and my sister, who was home from college so they could have some fun as well. We were a little late in the season to pick them, so there weren't many left, but the kids found 3 perfect ones for them.  


At the orchard, I also picked up some tomatoes and some hot salsa for Bill. Overall, it was a wonderful afternoon of family fun and making memories! We will definitely be adding this to our to-do list for fall in the years to come (and hopefully we will be able to go earlier towards the start of October next year!).

Do you pick pumpkins from a patch? 
When was the last time you visited a pumpkin patch? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jacob's sports themed birthday party

On Sunday we celebrated Jacob's 7th birthday. My parents, my sister Mary, my brother Josh, my brother Joe and his wife and family came over for lunch and cake and ice cream. 

It was a lovely afternoon. Jacob requested some kind of sports cake so I decorated a non-dairy cake with a sports theme. He loved it and said it was the best cake ever! 

I had stuff for sandwiches, pasta salad, grapes and chips for lunch. I even pulled out peanut butter and jelly for the birthday boy! During lunch there was lots of conversations and laughs and being silly with the kids.

After lunch, we headed outside so the kids could pound on a pinata that my brother brought over. The kids had fun trying to open it up and Rebecca ended up being the one to pound it open.

 After the pinata, it was time to come in and have cake and ice-cream. I had found "touchdown sundae" ice cream (made by Turkey Hill) as a special treat and it was really good and a perfect compliment to the cake. 

After cake and ice cream, Jacob got to open his presents. Jacob got football cards, a set of wrestling figures, a Cleveland Cavaliers poster, a football game set, and a basketball. He loved all his gifts! 

Overall, it was a very nice get together with people who really care about my son! And Jacob said it was the best day ever which was just icing on the cake for me! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday (10/17/2016)

Happy, Happy Monday! Today has been an atypical Monday around here as the kids are home from school and the weather is absolutely perfect for being October 17! Today we spent the day working on Rebecca's AHG cooking badge, took a trip to the pumpkin patch and just had a great day. This is all after a crazy Sunday of Jacob's birthday celebration! So it has been busy but fun! Now I am off to join into Sandra's Happy Homemaker Monday theme today. So let's see what else is going on in my little corner of the world. 



Absolutely beautiful!! The temperature today was in the low 80s and it is supposed to be that way until Thursday when cooler weather returns. I love fall, but today's weather was amazing! 


Today I had cheerios with banana cut up in the bowel. And a can of caffeine free diet mt. dew. (I know, not the healthiest drink).

The trees are starting to really turn color and it is absolutely beautiful. The only downside is that as I look outside my kitchen window, I see that several of my neighbors have political signs in their yards. I HATE this time of year, especially this year, as everyone is so divided and tensions are high.


Typing up this post, trying to decide what else I need to get done tonight and listening to the kids eating dinner and watching T.V.


You can tell that the kids have been home today from school as there are numerous toys laying around and the house looks lived in today.


I still have a ton to do tonight, including uploading photos to Walmart, getting tutoring stuff ready for tomorrow, write another blog post and schedule, clean up kitchen from dinner, do at least 1 more load of laundry.


Monday: kids are off of school today, Ben had speech, Rebecca worked on her AHG cooking badge, we went pumpkin picking, etc.
Tuesday: I tutor and Rebecca has American Heritage Girls meeting, need to make a trip to Walmart
Wednesday: Tutoring
Saturday: Rebecca has to help at a fundraiser
Sunday: PSR for kids and church



Kids are currently watching cartoons. Tonight at 8, the TV will be mine as the Cleveland Indians play the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League Championship Series. The Indians are winning the series 2-0 in a best of 7 series. Go TRIBE!!


Monday::  chicken and cheese casserole, peas and pears
Tuesday::  waffles, sausage, fruit
Wednesday:: chili and grilled cheese
Thursday:: hamburger helper and peas
Friday:: pizza
Saturday:: macaroni and cheese
Sunday:: pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn


Nothing at the moment, but I HAVE to get going on our vacation photo book and I think I may have the perfect picture for our annual Christmas cards. Also I have an idea for the kids' annual Christmas ornament that they get from St. Nick, but need to get working on those.



So there you have it, a little peek into my life on this Monday night. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day and a wonderful week!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday going-ons....

Happy Saturday! It is the final day to get some things done before we have people over for Jacob's birthday get together tomorrow. There may only end of being my parents and sister and brother, but that is okay. I still want to have a clean house for it and then I can maintain it throughout next week and beyond, hopefully! 

There are several things that I need to get done today and a few things I would like to get done, but if I don't get to them it is no biggie. So I have a must do and I would like to do list for this weekend. 

My must do list:
  • bake Jacob's birthday cake and decorate it
  • make up trays for party food and place in refrigerator
  • make pasta salad and refrigerate
  • wrap Jacob's birthday presents
  • declutter area at the bottom of the steps that has become a dumping ground of clutter
  • sweep and mop the living room, dining room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom
  • wipe down fronts of cabinets and appliances in kitchen
  • sweep off the front porch
My would like to do but if I don't it is not a big deal list:
  • Clean upstairs bathroom
  • wash all sheets off all beds
  • make banana bread
  • write out 2 book reviews and schedule them to post
So we shall see what I can get done. Bill is out covering state golf and I hope the kids can keep themselves occupied for most of today. So we shall see what I can get done. 

What are your plans for this Saturday?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How's my to-do list coming along?

On Monday, I posted a rather long to do list that I wanted to get done throughout the week in preparation for Jacob's birthday party on Sunday. Being that today is Thursday and I have a rather long day of tutoring ahead of me, I thought I would see where I stood on my to do list and what I still need to accomplish. So let's see where I stand, shall we?

Just a reminder that this is my list for cleaning the downstairs in preparation for Jacob's birthday party this coming weekend. I hope to work on this throughout the week and that way I don't have to scramble around on Saturday.
  • deep clean downstairs bathroom (including dusting, cleaning toilet and sink, sweeping and mopping floor)
  • Deep clean the living room 
    • dust ceiling
    • clean out from under couch and loveseat
    • clean out and vacuum rug under the recliner
    • redo mantel area for Halloween
    • sort toys and books in kids' corner
    • get things of floor near the bottom of the steps (this includes bag that I took to hospital that never got taken back upstairs)
    • clean, organize and dust TV stand
    • sweep floor
  • Declutter desk area
  • Straighten up dining room
  • Clean off shelves that are in between dining room and living room
  • Dust ceiling fans in dining room, living room and mud room
  • Clean off porch (including sweeping and wiping down table and chairs)
  • Mop kitchen, dining room and living room
  • Wipe down walls
There are also my day to day to-do list items:
  • laundry
  • cut all kids' fingernails and toenails-- I did Benjamin's.
  • Pay bills and balance checkbook
  • Take a load of stuff to Goodwill
So I am making some progress and that makes me happy. I still need to tackle the corner of the living room, but most of the major cleaning is done. And that makes me happy, especially since I am starting to fight a head cold. I always get sick around Jacob's birthday

Well, I need to get kiddos off to school. Hope everyone has a happy Thursday! We've almost made it to the weekend!