Rebecca's First Day of School

So my baby started school last week. She entered Pre-Kindergarten. I really think that she is ready for Kindergarten but due to Ohio law, she cannot enter until next year because of her birthday.

But that is okay. We enrolled her in a pre-Kindergarten program at the same school that I work at. It isn't cheap...$1450 a year...but I think it will be well worth the money.

I talked to her teacher and we seem to be on the same page after week one. They will be working on tweeking her handwriting making it better and giving her more confidence in using scissors and glue, etc. The major thing that Hubby and I wanted her to learn is how to act in a classroom environment with someone other than mom or dad being in charge. Her teacher agrees that this is important. I am SO glad that her teacher and I are on the same page.

Rebecca LOVES school. She cried on Thursday when we explained that she would not go to school on Saturday or Sunday. :) I am so glad that she loves school!

How did your child's first day/ week of school go??


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