Very quick update....

The last 2 weeks have been h*** and have been stressful and just tough. A few quick highlights:
  • My Mom's bladder cancer is back, another tumor was found last wednesday
  • My mom had a bad stress test for her heart last Monday
  • My mom was sent to the ER on Friday morning and spent Friday-yesterday in ICU with heart problems
  • Hubby woke up Monday night/Tuesday morning throwing up and high fever. He now has the full blown flu
  • Missed work on Friday due to Mom's hospitalization
  • Have 5 cakes and 5 cookies plates due to school by Friday morning for St. Nick dinner.
  • Hubby's parents are calling about setting up a time for transfer of van
  • Coworkers are dropping like flies with the flu so HAVE to work.
That is why I have been MIA. That is also why I am so behind on book reviews, and a product review and giveaway. Pray things get better.


  1. Hang in there. sending prayers your way...


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