Decorating and Dinner with St. Nick

We have really gotten into the Christmas spirit around our house.

My dear hubby decorated the outside of our house (for the first time ever) and it looks GREAT!

Rebecca and Bill put up the Christmas tree and decorated it!

We took the kids to "Dinner with St. Nick" at the school that I work at and that Rebecca goes to school at. All the activities and dinner was free with a donation to "Toys for Tots." I love that they joined together with a charity this year. (Last year it was pricier and was a fundraiser for the school.) Rebecca had a BLAST! 
Rebecca and Jacob with St. Nick. Jacob did NOT want to be on his lap!

Playing one of the many games

Beating up his Uncle Josh. My brother's Boy Scout troop helped run some of the games and activities.

There was face painting. My sister was the artist. She painted kids' faces for over 2.5 hours straight with NO break. She was such a trooper.

Rebecca the reindeer and one of her friends from school!

So far, this Christmas season has been filled with lots of laughter and good memories. I hope we can continue this as we get farther into December.

What fun things have you done so far?


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