Sunday Night Chit Chat with new questions!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!  And since it is Sunday, it is time once again for Sunday Night Chit-Chat...hosted by our friend Carla! I was excited to see that Carla has some new questions this week...should make things a little more fun. :) 

So here goes:

We took the kids to the zoo yesterday. A kind stranger offered to take our family's picture! I think it turned out great!

  • Are you reading?-- Currently I am not reading anything. I have been too busy and tired at the end of the day to read anything.
  • Are you watching?-- Nothing right now, the TV is off. 
  • Are you looking forward to this week? -- Rebecca has her spring musical tomorrow on St. Patrick's day, so I am looking forward to seeing her in that.
  • Is one thing you did last week that you don't want to repeat this week?--Falling behind on laundry and household chores. Need to get back on track. 
  • Was your best moment over the last week? -- Getting to spend Saturday with my family..ALL DAY LONG! We took the kids to the zoo for most of the day and then had a date night at home Saturday night. 
  • Is your #1 goal for next week? -- Survive work! This week we are going to be extremely short staffed as our college students are on their spring break, and the kids will be hyper because it is the last week before our school's spring break. 
  • Song can't you get out of your head? --"Royals" by Lorde....that song is extremely annoying and happens to be Rebecca's favorite song to sing at the moment...ALL THE TIME! LOL
  • Best/Worst financial decision over the last week?--Best decision, was going to the zoo this weekend as it was half price instead of waiting until next week when the price would be regular. Worst financial decision.....compulsively ordered a couple DVDs on amazon to help get to the free shipping standard. I should have shopped around to see if I could have gotten them cheaper elsewhere. 
  • Is on the top of your *wish list* right now?-- Chocolate! I gave up chocolate for Lent, and I really, really have been missing it the last couple of days. It is definitely a sacrifice! 
I had fun with the new questions! Hope everyone has a great Sunday night and a great week! 


  1. I like the new questions! You know when I read? At night, in bed, with an audio book on my iPad. I just love having someone read to me. I've read quite a few books that way. Have a good but very busy week!


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