Trip to the zoo

Last Saturday, after we got up, Bill and I discovered something that is amazing in our house. Bill had the day completely off from work and I had not plans either. We had the whole day to spend as a family. We could have spent the day doing laundry and household chores, but we quickly decided that we wanted to do something out of the house as a family. We threw around a couple of ideas, but none really seemed to fit. Until we came to the idea of taking the kids to the zoo. The Columbus Zoo is about an hour from our house. After checking ticket prices online, I discovered that through Monday their admission was 1/2 price! And Benjamin was still free as he won't turn 2 until April 2.. Score! So, instead of costing us $60 to get in, it only cost us $25.

We had a lovely was chilly to start out, but then the winds died down and the sun came out and it was gorgeous. I think the kids had a blast.

When we parked, we were greeted by a ton of sea gulls. Why there are sea gulls in Ohio is beyond me? but there were a ton of them.

The first official animal we saw at the zoo were the flamingos. They were being loud and I am not sure what two of them were doing with stretching their necks up?

Next up was Bill's annual picture with the statue of Pepe the penguin. We started this as a joke when Bill and I were dating, and it has evolved to include each child. This year a nice stranger offered to take my picture with the family, so I get to be included too!

After seeing the koala eating his lunch (yes the koalas were awake and very active, which NEVER happens when we go to the zoo) we stopped to eat our own lunch and enjoy the views of eating while watching some monkeys playing! To save money, I packed the kids' lunches, while Bill and I splurged on zoo food.

After lunch, it was off to see more animals, including the "Queen of the Columbus Zoo"--Colo, who is the oldest gorilla born in captivity. She is over 50 years old and is boss!

The kids had a blast. Jacob got scared by a baby gorilla that came running around a corner throwing hay. Benjamin LOVED the aquarium and would have spent all day there watching the fish if I would have let him. Rebecca enjoyed reading all the animal facts and taking us through the zoo using her map. She was also happy to see her favorite zoo animal, the lions.

The kids had a blast. Rebecca said it was the best day ever! It was a pretty good day. The kids were very tired after we left and Benjamin was asleep before we left the parking lot! Overall, it was a great day! 

Do you have a favorite zoo to visit? What is your favorite zoo animal? 


  1. Looks like a fun day! Do you belong to a public library? Out here in CT, most libraries sponsor free or discounted vouchers for places like museums, zoos, etc. Check on line, usually under" services."
    Carol in CT

    1. Our small town library does not offer anything like that unfortunately. I do keep my eyes out for groupons, etc. that we can use to get discounted admission to places. When we lived in Columbus, our library did offer such services.

  2. Looks awesome! The children look tired and that is the best way to tell if an outing was a success, right? :)

    1. You are totally right, it is all about if they are tired or not! :)


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