Father/ Daughter Dance 2015

Saturday night, Rebecca's American Heritage Girl troop was sponsoring a  Father/Daughter dance for the girls in our church and school.  This dance had originally been scheduled for February, however we had to reschedule due to a snow storm that particular weekend. The theme was "Frozen in Time." Rebecca got all dressed up to go with Bill, and she picked out the outfit for Bill to wear. She wanted him to wear a suit! The last time Bill wore his suit was a year ago when he joined the Catholic Church. He reached into his pocket and found Easter candy from last year! LOL

As I was taking their pictures, the boys kept trying to get into the pictures, so I had to take one with them in it as well...

When Bill and Rebecca got back home, they both said they had a blast. There were a ton of people there and the music was good. One of the priests at our parish, Father Vince, was the DJ for the night as the DJ we originally hired wasn't available for our makeup date. I am so glad that Bill and Rebecca had some good father/ daughter time!


  1. Awwww! How sweet! Glad they had a good time. Love the photos!


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