Life happenings....

Life goes on....I think I am FINALLY at a point where I feel like I am no longer trying to play catch up from being sick. Now I just feel like I am running 100,000 miles an hour 24/7. But that is just how life is I guess.

Let's see what has been going on:

I am back to work to my normal work hours mostly. I say mostly because there was an extra hour in a shift due to in service, there was a day off due to a snow day, and there was no school this past Friday for teacher in service day. Add in my snack shopping duties and I am back pretty much like I was before I got sick and had my kidney stone surgery. Oh and did I mention that we have had record numbers of kids the last week....makes for a tiring work shift!

I have been tutoring at least 3 days week. I am tutoring my adult neighbor who needs to improve his spelling and writing skills in order to get into the career path he wants to be in. It is pretty easy for me, however it does take 3 hours out of my week.

There has been a lot of extra things I have had to plan a head for for my kids, including Jacob had snack week (which involves sending snacks into his preschool class for the whole class, and I cannot send any milk products in due to an allergy). Rebecca had 4 different dress down days to plan for (mission dress down, spring picture day, pajama day and AHG uniform day). I had to take Benjamin to speech and to a WIC appointment. I have had to take 2 cakes to school each of the last 2 Fridays for fish dinners.

Oh and throw in an American Heritage Girls meeting into the mix as well. That was fun as it was the first time the troop wore their uniforms to the meeting and they were all so excited to do so including Rebecca.

Bill has been working A LOT of hours (it is winter tournament time) and so that adds another level of craziness to our schedule. Yesterday he was gone most of the day to Columbus to cover state wrestling tournament and he went to visit his mother to check in on her. About a week and a half ago, she fell down a set of marble staircase at a theater and broke a bone in her neck, her shoulder, a couple of ribs and her kneecap. She is very lucky to have only had that happen, as she is 83 years old. He stopped by to see how she was doing and surprisingly, Bill said she is doing very well, all things considered. 

With all of this going on and the everyday business of life (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc) we have been crazy busy around here and looks like things will continue on that path for the foreseeable future...At least it keeps life interesting!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Glad things are "settling down." lol

  2. Spring has totally eaten my time and energy and it hasn't even officially started yet! Sounds like you might have a similar problem. :) But I am glad that you are feeling better!


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