Change of plans for today.....

Last night, as I was thinking about today, this is how I thought today would go....

Get up. Shower. Dressed. Bill takes Rebecca to softball opening day and for her team picture. The boys and I join them at the softball fields at 11 for Rebecca's first game. We go out to lunch. Come home and do some laundry and relax....
What do they say about best laid plans??

Our reality this morning has been.....

My alarm went off. I reset it. Then I woke up to the sound of what sounded like running water....go into the hallway to find Rebecca throwing up on the bathroom floor.....I get her to the toilet, where she throws up more......Sigh......Apparently the stomach bug that has been going around her school, has hit her. 
She went back to bed with a trash can next to her bed and went back to sleep. 

I checked on her a little bit ago and she said her stomach still hurt a little bit and she was tired....So no softball today at all. She is very disappointed but she needs to get better and rest....

As for my plans....I am not going to plan on relaxing as much. I am hoping to get laundry done (we got way behind this week) and I am hoping that Bill and Jacob can get some yard work done today as well. 

So my plans have changed.....that is just how it goes! Hope everyone else is having a more relaxed Saturday! 


  1. So sorry for your daughter! We didn't have a relaxing day, but we planned on yard work and deck scrubbing.

  2. What's that saying? "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans!" Hope Rebecca is feeling better now.


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