My Mother's Day

I had a nice day yesterday. Bill and the kids let me sleep in and they made me breakfast in bed. They made me turkey bacon and a homemade sausage egg mcmuffin sandwich. It was very sweet as Rebecca really wanted to make me breakfast in bed. LOL

We spent most of the afternoon and evening at my parent's house for a cookout. My dad cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs and I brought over pasta salads (a ranch one and an Italian one), fruit salad and chips and my brother brought over cookies. Overall, we had 15 people there including 6 little kids. The kids had a blast playing outside with each other and it was just a very nice laid back day. My kids gave my mom some sun catchers that they had painted and a painting that Benjamin had done.

Me and my mom

Jacob gave me a picture that he had done in preschool where he was the "I" in "I love you." It was a really cute idea. Rebecca gave me a card that she had made. After we came home the kids gave me a bird feeder that Rebecca had painted and 2 planters for hanging plants. Today, Benjamin and I went to Lowe's and got some begonias and impatiens to put in them. 

Overall, it was a very nice Mother's Day and I am so blessed to not only have a great Mother of my own as a role model, but also to have 3 beautiful kids who make each day worthwhile for me. 



  1. You and your mother look great! You will age well.

  2. Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like yours was glorious! I love the birdfeeder!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day and the weather looks gorgeous! I would love to plant annuals but all of a sudden the thermometer dipped WAY down. Think I'll wait a little longer.


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