Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Sunday afternoon I took the kids to my college alma mater to watch my little brother play football. Josh is in his freshman year at Marietta College and is loving it. He plays football for them as well. On Sunday, the JV team traveled up to Denison University to play so I packed the kids up after church and made the 30 minute drive to see him play. I graduated from Denison back in 2001.


It was weird being back on campus. Funny story though... as I was pulling into the campus, my dad called to see if I was on the road. I told him I actually was pulling into campus (this was about 20 minutes before game time). He asked me if I knew where I was going. LOL It's not like I didn't many countless hours on the campus and the football stadium is in the same place it always is. I had to laugh. They have added some buildings and parking garages but most things were the same. 

Back to the football game. Jacob had a blast. Ben got bored quickly, but then that is to be expected. Rebecca enjoyed it even though it was super hot and sunny. 

Unfortunately, Marietta lost. :( Oh well. It was still fun. This is the closest Josh will play to us. For us to go down to Marietta to see him, it would be a little over 2 hours away. I might try to get down there one of these weekends. 

When we got there, Jacob asked me who I was going to root for. I told him that I may have graduated from Denison and had roots there, I was rooting for Marietta because that is who Josh plays for and family comes first. 

Family comes first always. 


  1. Go Pios!!!! Sorry they lost. When I was at M.C., their losing streak was worthy of a Sports Illustrated article. Now the baseball team, on the other hand...

  2. Of course you always root for family. Well, I say that but if someone in our family ever played for Auburn . . .

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Hope your week is going well so far.

  4. That sounds like a fun outing for all of you, even Benjamin.


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