Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This and That

Life has a way of keeping on and being busy and I am finding it hard to keep up with this little space. But I love this space. I do read other's blogs usually while I am grabbing something to eat or as I am laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I am usually on my Kindle which isn't very conducive to typing up a post but I have a few minutes today to sit at the old laptop and write out a post. 

So what has been going on in our household?

The other day we came home to find over 25 buzzards flying around in the near distance. They were just congregating. I am thinking there may have been a dead deer in their sites as it is officially that time of year when deer are on the move. It was weird and freaky to see that many birds.

On Election Day, Bill and I took the kids with us when we went to vote. Rebecca stayed with me and the boys went with Bill. We were voting for only a couple of races (mayor, city council, school board and a renewal for the school levy) but I wanted the kids to understand the importance of even voting in a little election year. 

It was snowing on Thursday! It is too early for snow. Thankfully the kids didn't have school due to parent teacher conferences. Speaking of which, we had conferences with the boys' teachers and they are both doing well and their teacher's sang their praises. Always nice to hear especially when they are driving me nuts at home :) 

Cold weather equals beef stew. Thursday I went to the book warehouse and a new to me thrift store with my mom and when we got back it was starting to spit snow. That put me in the mood for beef stew. It was yummy! I wasn't a fan of the cornbread mix that I used; I will stick with my old faithful Jif brand. 

Saturday Rebecca and I were gone all day long at her American Heritage Girls annual craft show. This is one of 2 fundraisers that they do each year. This year Rebecca had her own table and sold scrunchies that she made-- She made $52, but after paying me back money she owed me for supplies, etc, she made $26. I helped out in the snack shack, etc. 

At the craft show, I bought myself a bracelet and my mom bought me another one that I was drawn to. These are "Papparazzi" bracelets and they were only $5 a piece. I love the saying and felt drawn to them. (Especially as shortly after my mom came, I realized that I was missing the diamond out of my engagement ring. My stomach was in knots and I was upset. I had no idea when or where it had fallen off. I figured it was gone forever. HOWEVER, at the end of the day I went to get the money bag out of the snack shack drawer and underneath it surrounded by a handful of quarters was the diamond! It must have gotten snagged on the bag and when it was put in the drawer it was underneath. I truly believe that it was God's hand in me finding it. )

Saturday night I crashed into bed at 7:30 PM as I was exhausted. Sunday I woke up with lots of energy and wanted to do some restful things. I made a new recipe for peanut butter cookies using cake mix that my aunt had shared on Facebook. They turned out pretty good. 

Sunday night I was making tacos for dinner and I looked out my kitchen window and just thought the moon and the sky was pretty. 

Sunday night after the kids went to bed I decided to get crafty. I always have a welcome type sign on our door. Well I took my Halloween one down and I can't find my Thanksgiving one. I don't know if I donated it over the Summer or what happened to it. I sat down to make a new one and I am totally in love with how it turned out. It felt so good to paint and create. 

Snow came last night. We probably got about 2 inches or so. It is really early in the year to have measurable snow. 

Unfortunately we are also under really cold temperatures. Real feel right now is 3 degrees! So that means the snow and ice isn't going anywhere. Thankfully the sun is out right now so we shall see if that helps. 

I am not sure what today will bring. The kids are off to school. I am not feeling that great. Yesterday I came home from picking Rebecca up from school and I had a strange sensation like I needed to lean toward the left side. My left shoulder blade felt weird---not tingly, or hurting just different. It is hard to explain. I still feel off this morning and my left shoulder area still feels weird. Not sure what is going on. Bill says he thinks it is stress related. I am planning on taking a shower, and maybe laying on the couch and vegging to Netflix until I have to babysit "A." Hope everyone has a great day and is staying warm! 


  1. Please consider going to the doctor - the pains you are describing are also signs of a heart attack.

  2. Anonymous is correct. Get to the doctor or ER NOW! You may be in trouble. Would you want to leave your children motherless? Sorry to be so dramatic, but maybe I got your attention. Don't make an appointment. GO!

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