Sunday, May 31, 2015

Books that I read for fun in May

Last year, I spent the last half of the year documenting the books that I read for fun.  I have decided that I need to continue that as reading is important part of how I relax. Books that I read for fun are books that I have not been asked to review and that I have chosen to read, well because I like to read.

I did get some things read this past month, maybe as an escape to all that is going on. I don't know. I have found that I am getting into trilogies and series....I am currently on book #9 of Sherryl Woods' Chesapeake Shores series......and so here is what I read for fun in May.... (Disclaimer: if you click on the book picture, it takes you to the page on Amazon.)

Here are the books I read for fun in:

April 2015
March 2015
February 2015  
January 2015
Books from 2014

Have you read any good books lately?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Rebecca's last day of 2nd grade!

Today is Rebecca's last day of 2nd grade! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday she was born and today she is completing 2nd grade. 

August 20, 2014 she started her 2nd grade year. 

She has learned so much this year. She has continued to be a voracious reader. She has learned to write in cursive. She has learned how to multiply. She received 2 sacraments in the Catholic Church---First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. She joined American Heritage Girls and has had lots of fun, going on her first camping trip ever and doing service projects.

She has also grown taller and is becoming more and more grown up. She went into school wearing a size 7 and now she is in a 10/12. She has grown a lot taller this year and is looking like a young adult more and more even though she is only 8 years old. She is a delight and I am looking forward to having fun with her and her brothers this summer and what the next school year brings at a new school! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Freezer Pie

Monday was Bill's birthday. Usually I make him a cake for his birthday....because that is what I do. However, this year life has been crazy and we had a crazy busy weekend so I decided to make him something different.

I was checking Facebook, and a friend had posted a link to Reese's Peanut Butter Cup freezer pie. I knew right then it would be perfect for Bill. I made it Monday morning and it was in the freezer for about 5 hours before I took it out to make it his birthday pie. My mom insisted on putting 44 candles on the pie (43 for his age and 1 to grow on!). 

It was super simple to put together and it was super Yummy! I will definitely be making this again this summer! 

Have you tried a new dessert recipe lately?
Do you have a go to summer dessert you would like to share?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rebecca and I were in a parade.....

Every year on Memorial Day, our town has a Memorial Day parade honoring veterans and those who have lost their lives fighting for freedoms in our country. Well this year, Rebecca's American Heritage Girls troop walked in the parade. I have never been in a parade before, so it was a new experience for me as well. 

My brother Josh also walked with his boy scout troop.

Benjamin and Jacob stood with Bill and watched the parade. Jacob said it was awesome!

Does your town celebrate Memorial Day with a parade?
Have you ever been in a parade?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ice Cream Festival

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, we try to take the kids to the Velvet Ice Cream Utica Sertoma Ice Cream Festival. We typically go on Sunday afternoon, as they have a car show going on and it is just what works best for our family schedule. There is only one road that leads to the festival and in years past we have sat in traffic for over an hour waiting to just get into the parking area. It is absolute craziness, but we feel it is worth it. 

Well this year, I was looking at the schedule of events and noticed that the Columbus Zoo was going to have an animal show there at 11am on Sunday. It was the only time they were going to do a presentation...unlike the magic act that was going to be there at least 3 times each day. That got me to thinking....what if we went early? What if we left our house around 9:30am or so to get there? I talked to Bill and he agreed that we should do that.


There was no traffic getting there. We pulled into the parking area and there was 1 car in front of us paying to park (it is $5 to park, but no admission to the actual festival). We were in the 3rd row of cars near that street instead of parking in the very back of the fields. 

We were able to go look at cars and the ducks at the duck pond before the zoo show. Benjamin loved the ducks. Jacob and Rebecca liked looking at all the cars and Rebecca's favorites were any that had flames painted on them. 

Then we headed back across the street and got some ice cream--the kids has cookie dough ice cream, Bill had buckeye ice cream and I had their new elephant ear ice cream-- and sat down to watch the zoo show. The zoo brought a penguin, a legless lizard (that looked like a snake), a baby kangaroo, a screech owl, an armadillo and a cat that was like a lynx. It was really cool.  After the show, they allowed people to come up and pet the armadillo if they wanted. Rebecca wanted to and she said it felt like a fingernail; the "shell" of an armadillo is made up of the same material that make up our fingernails. 

After the zoo show we walked around to all the different vendors. Rebecca rode a horse; Jacob did not want to and Benjamin is still too young in my opinion. 

We then took a drink and snack break where Bill got me a funnel cake (which Benjamin ended up eating most of) and I got the kids some cotton candy. 

Around 12:30 we decided to head to my parents house, as they live less than 5 minutes from the festival. We spent the afternoon outside at their house and then we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to do an early celebration of Bill's birthday. 

Overall, it was a very nice day (except for the sunburn that I got) and I think we have decided that the earlier we go to the festival the better all around. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy birthday to my dear husband!

43 Years ago, on May 25, 1972 the world was graced with the birth of William. 

 Who knew that he would grow up to be a passionate sports fan, especially with football? Who knew that he would be intelligent, caring, kind, loving, opinionated, a wonderful father, and a loving husband? Who knew that he would be a Marvel nerd? Who knew that he would be a supportive soul mate for me? Who knew that he would be a great sportswriter and a wonderful photographer? Who knew, indeed?

Happy 43rd birthday Bill! I love you!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Jacob's last day of preschool

Wow, time flies! 

September 2, 2014 Jacob had his first day of preschool. He was going 5 days a week for the morning session. 

Today, May 22, 2015, Jacob had his last day of preschool. My how he has grown. He looks older and he acts older. He has learned to read this year and can do simple math. 

Jacob loved his first year of school and he can't wait to go to Kindergarten!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rebecca made her First Communion

Yesterday, Rebecca made her First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. She has been learning and prepping for this step all year and it was finally time on Sunday afternoon. 

We headed to the church early as the church is always crowded and we got there at 1:30 and there were already a ton of people there. Thankfully, they reserve seats for the parents so we were able to sit right behind the last row of First Communion kids. 

Before Mass, I was able to take some outside pictures of Rebecca as it had been raining off and on and more rain was forecast, but at that moment the sun was shining. She was absolutely beautiful. She wore my First Communion dress and my sister's First Communion veil. 

Rebecca was very nervous about receiving Communion, but she did great and she was visibly relaxed after mass was over. There were 38 kids who received their First Communion at the mass. 

After mass, we had a family reception back at our house. Both sets of grandparents came, as well as my siblings. She received a lovely cross necklace from my parents, a lovely pink Rosary from Bill's parents and a First Communion photo frame and First Communion bear from us. We had stuff for sandwiches, italian pasta salad, fruit salad, veggies and chips for dinner with a cross cake for dessert.  Overall it was a nice afternoon/evening for her. 

Rebecca said she had an "awesome day" and to me that is all that matters!