Festivals, Movies, and Parades!

This weekend was filled with lots of family fun!

On Sunday, Rebecca and I went to church. Then came home for lunch and for Bill to run to work for a bit. After Bill came home, we loaded the family up and went to the Velvet Ice Cream Festival in Utica.

It was an afternoon full of ice cream and fun walking around looking at the vendors crafts and the cars in the car show.

When we came home, we went to the video store and rented a couple DVDs to watch. We rented "Safe Haven" for Bill and I to watch after the kids went to bed.  It was a good movie. Not the best movie I have ever seen but good.

On Monday, we took the kids to our local Memorial Day parade. It was a little rainy but nice. Rebecca loved seeing all the parade entries and she saw some of her friends in the parade.

Monday afternoon we spent a low key afternoon at home. I made almost 150 cookies for a Confirmation reception at my daughter's school this evening, and we watched " Wreck It Ralph." with the kids. That was a really cute movie.

Overall, it was a nice couple of days! Now on to this week, where I only work 3 days and Rebecca only has 2.5 days of school left!

How was your weekend? Have any big plans for this week?


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