No longer a Kindergartener....

I know am the proud Mom of a First Grader!

Where, oh, where has time gone??

Seems like just yesterday, Rebecca was starting her first day of Kindergarten!

First Day of Kindergarten (August 2012)

She has learned so much this year. She went from reading very simple sentences, to reading chapter books. She has learned to write in complete sentences and to journal. She has learned addition and subtraction facts. She has learned so many things. I am so proud of her!

Last Day of Kindergarten (May 2013)
Yesterday, they held a Kindergarten Graduation at her school, complete with caps and gowns and diplomas. I will admit that I teared up several times!

Processing in to "Pomp and Circumstance"

Receiving her diploma from her teachers

After she got her punctuality award from the principal
It was a lovely morning! I am so proud of my little girl and cannot believe that I have a first grader!

Now onto Summer Vacation!


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