I went to the movies....

I am not really a movie person. I get in the mood to see one maybe once a year, if that. I have never really been a movie or TV watcher. However, my dear hubby is. He LOVES watching movies, even though he really doesn't have a lot of time to do that.

Well Thursday afternoon, I got a babysitter for the kids and surprised dear Hubby with a trip to the movies. We went to see The Wolverine....

What can I say...Hugh Jackman shirtless!!! I can say that he is an attractive man when he is cleaned up a bit...lol...hubby likes to tease me that I only went to see it so I can see the bathtub scene where Jackman is naked. Not really...

Anyhow, the movie was very good. I thought that there were maybe a tad too many fighting scenes, but it was an action/superhero movie so I should have expected it. I have read reviews on line that were complaining that there wasn't more grittiness and gore, but that is perfectly okay with me. I don't need to see a lot of blood to get the point across that people are dying or being killed. Overall, it was an interesting storyline and kept me engaged. There was moments of humor and heartbreak, along with romance and lots of intrigue. Overall, I would recommend it!

Are you a movie goer? What was the last movie you saw in the the theater?


  1. I am a huge moviegoer! But with 3 kids, it is tricky. So, our theater does a cheap night every Wednesday and my husband and I switch off who gets to go. It would be more fun to go with him, but you do what you gotta do. :) I bet your husband was thrilled that you indulged his movie passion even though it isn't your thing. That sounds like a solid marriage. And if Hugh Jackman shirtless gets in there too, well, who am I to judge? :)


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