I was a soccer mom.....

Now I am a softball mom!

In the field for the first time

Rebecca is playing softball this fall in our community league. She is on a 8 and under team and is having a blast so far. She has had a few practices and a scrimmage, but last night was her first game!

Getting a hit!

She did great!

After getting a hit! On first base...
She had 2 hits, scored 2 runs and had a RBI! GO REBECCA!!!!

Scoring a run!
It made for a late night. She was in school from 7:45-2:15; in the afterschool care program with me until her dad picked her up at 5:10 to take her to the ballfield. I went straight from work to the ballfield. Her game started at 6. We got home around 8:10. Then snacks, bathtime and bedtime. She finally got to bed at 9:30. Makes for a long day. Thankfully at this age, there is usually only 1 game during the week, with the other game being on Saturdays.

Clowning around in the dugout with her teammates!
Overall, though Rebecca did great. She loves playing softball and gets along with her teammates! And it is a great experience for her.

Do your children play sports?


  1. She is so stinkin' cute! And that day sounds insane! I am glad it is only once a week. None of mine play sports yet, but I imagine it is only a matter of time....esp. with the father they have. :)


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