School supply shopping

2 weeks from today, Rebecca heads to 1st grade! (Really, how did I become the mother of a first grader????) To prepare, we had to go school supply shopping of course.

When we picked her report card up for Kindergarten, they included the supply list for first grade so that we could shop all summer if we wanted. Well I wanted to wait until the back to school sales started.

Well, last week we went and did all of her supply shopping. And I found that items were not as cheap as last year, but that I still spent less than $100 on her supplies....

Here is her supplies for this year...

And I spent a grand total of: $67.22.

Not too bad. Some of the items were very specific and thus more expensive. For example the watercolors were $4.97 because the art teacher wants "Prang" brand. I understand because they last longer and are brighter colors. I would rather spend good money up front for supplies to last, than buy the $0.50 container and have them be no good.

One blessing this year is that we don't have to buy any uniform stuff, as she still has uniforms from last year that fit. I did have to get her a pack of white socks and shoes but I was able to find a pair of school shoes for $5 on clearance. Yahoo!

So Rebecca is all set for back to school. As for me, I am ready and I am not ready. It is a mix of emotions. Back to school for Rebecca means back to work for me, so that will be a change from summer. It will be nice to get a paycheck again (I don't get paid over the summer months).

Are your children ready for back to school? How much are you spending on supplies?


  1. We homeschool, so I spend year round and we have so much "school" stuff on hand its crazy... I don't have a set budget for it, just when we need it. :) Hope Rebecca has a great first day of school! :)

    1. We have school stuff on hand too...but I get new for her for the school year. I set a budget of $100-$150 for everything so I was glad to come under. You never know! LOL And thanks she is ready to go back to school; she loves school! :)

  2. Wow, I remember getting the kids ready for school. So expensive. But Rebecca will be so cute, I just want to squeeze her picture.

    1. Thanks! I can only imagine how much I will be spending in a few years to when all 3 are in school. Maybe by then I will have the credit cards paid off so I will have that money to put toward tuition and school supply costs.

  3. We are going to go broke on school supplies. So far we have spent $63 on 2 kids, and I haven't bought the more expensive items, shoes, or all the other misc stuff. Holding off on clothes for the moment as they are growing so fast!!


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