Got to try a new to us pizza place for free

On Fridays, I have gotten into the habit of stopping by our local Family Video and picking up a movie for the kids to watch for movie night. Our local Family VIdeo has a HUGE selection of kids movies that rent FREE for 5 days. In the past couple weeks, I have been able to get Benjamin a couple Thomas the Tank Engine movies to watch and I rented "Planes" for FREE. Well, this past Friday, Ben and I went in to see about getting a Thomas DVD and I wanted to rent the new Disney Nature movie for the kids. As we were checking out, I asked the woman working when the pizza place next door was going to open. They were putting in a Marco's Pizza right next door. She said that they were actually opening on Sunday, BUT would I like to take part in their soft opening the next day? She said that if I called in during dinner I could get a FREE large pizza and any 2 non-pizza items for FREE. Of course I agreed.

So Saturday night, Bill went and picked up our free dinner. We got a large pepperoni and cheese pizza and 2 subs-- an italiano sub on white and a ham leonardo sub on wheat! The receipt said that the total would have been $27.99. AND they also included a coupon for a free movie rental, which Bill used to rent "X-Men: Days of Future Past," which we watched after the kids went to bed.

The verdict: It was really yummy. The kids and Bill devoured the pizza. And my sub was wonderful! We will definitely be ordering from them again!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. We have Marco's near us and they have fantastic deals if you are willing to experiment. We have tried flavors and combos we never would have normally at very reduced prices. Some were great, some not to our taste exactly, but still perfectly fine and cheap!


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