What's been going on?

Life always gets in the way of blogging....especially when you have a crazy schedule, are always coming or going, and just am trying to get things done. That pretty much describes where I am right now. 

Let's recap some of the craziness that has been the past week....
  • Jacob fell 3 times last week. The last time, he face-planted at school scraping his knee very badly, scraping his chin and nose and giving himself a bloody nose and putting a large scrape down the front of his new glasses' lens. (Thank goodness for Walmart's Vision Centers 12 month replacement guarantee!) We are very concerned because his gait seems off and he has been falling a lot recently. 
  • I have been getting my tutoring business off the ground. I am tutoring both homeschooling kids and traditional brick and mortar students. So far it is going well! 
  • Saturday the kids and I took park in our local Board of DD walk. (I will blog about this later! Such a fun experience!)
  • Sunday, we went to church. Then took the kids to the Dollar Tree to get a treat for staying on Green and blue during the past week. (The kids school has a behavior chart system, where Green is the best, blue means you might have had to be talked to once, and then it goes to orange and red, which are bad!)
  • Sunday night, we met up with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend at Jake's restaurant to celebrate my dad's birthday (which was Monday). The service was lacking and the wait to get our food was way long, but the company was good! 
  • Bill had to take his car in as it was overheating and needs 2 new tires at least. Will cost us almost $700 to get it fixed. Ugg, but it could be much worse....
  • Yesterday, I had a super busy, seems-like-I-am-behind-all-day kind of day. I needed to go to the grocery store, then my mom calls to tell me she has to have a hearth cath done, pick Ben up from school, pick Bill up from work, home to tutor, then pick kids up from school, American Heritage Girls meeting and I crashed last night on the couch and watched 2 episodes of "House Hunters" on HGTV. 
  • During this whole time, I have started a workout regimen using "Map My Walk" as a tool. Last week I walked a little over 10 miles over the course of the week. This week so far, I have walked almost 8 miles! My goal is to do at least 10 miles a week this month.
So I have been extremely busy, but it is all good. Life is moving along and honestly it is all okay.  


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