Update (Here you go dear!)

I feel bad that I have been neglecting this blog. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done and unfortunately this blog has taken the back seat to other things. However, I knew I HAD to get on here and do a quick update, as my dear husband asked me tonight, "When are you going to update your blog?" LOL I guess it is time.

Things have been super busy around here. I have been coming and going and coming and going, taking kids to and from school, tutoring jobs, softball for Rebecca, and other commitments. Throw in a sick kid off and on of the past week and a half and life has been fun....

I am still here. Just busy. I have several things to talk about including being asked to try a new pizza place for free, an American Heritage Girls birthday party, using essential oils for the first time, and I have several books that I need to get reviewed. I will try to get those posts up within the next week.

So to my dear husband: Look it is updated now :)

To everyone else: I hope you had a great Monday!


  1. You have 3 little ones to look after. Blog world misses you, but gee...been there, done that. remember how demanding it is!


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