So in an effort to try to cook dinner and NOT eat out for dinner...I am going to make weekly menus....this is using only stuff in my kitchen, so I don't have to go to the store.

For the rest of this week---December 19-20

Friday 12/19/08---ham sandwiches and peas and apples

Saturday 12/20/08--- frozen Lean Cuisine for me, and chicken nuggets and veggies for Rebecca

For the Week of December 21-27, 2008

Sunday 12/21/08---go out with my parents after family portrait

Monday 12/22/08--- beer battered fish, rice, green beans and corn

Tuesday 12/23/08--- chicken broccoli alfredo pasta

Wednesday 12/24/ 08---Christmas Eve dinner with my family

Thursday 12/25/08--- Christmas dinner with Bill's family

Friday 12/26/08--- tuna helper and corn

Saturday 12/27/08--steak, julienne potatoes, mixed veggies


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