December 19, 2008

Well today we took Rebecca to the doctor for her 2 year checkup...we only had to pay $25 copay...still not sure what we owe for when she was sick, but didn't have to pay any today for that! YEAH! She is healthy and doing just fine. Didn't have to have any shots!! :-)

Then we went to Target....bad mistake...I can never just buy what is on my list from there....URGGHHHH....need to work on that in the new year. We went in to get a Dora sheet set for Rebecca's new big girl bed...we ended up buying:

new tennis shoes for Bill
2 new shirts for me (on sale for $5 a piece---originally $12 a piece)
a Dora Sheet set
a purple sheet set (on sale for $7)
2 books for Rebecca ---one for today, and one for Christmas
bag of candy for me
a pack of cheese
total spent was $80.....EEKKKKKK!!!!!!!
Also before we left, Bill decided he needed Starbucks, so we both got one and that was another $8.30....EEEKKKK!!!!

On the good front, I talked to Bill about starting a 30 day Spending freeze starting in January and he seemed okay with that! Yeah! I really want to get our finances in order and I feel like that would be one less stress on me! Next month, we should have CareCredit paid off! That would be a $1200 bill paid off!! I so hope that 2009 brings better things in life for our family!


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