Well today it is COLD!!!!!!! At least the sun is out.

Frugality wise--I went to Kroger, stuck to my list, and only spent $8. :-) I got 2 packs of chicken nuggets, a loaf of bread, a bunch of bananas, and a bag of chips. Not too bad. Got gas too....only $1.45 a gallon! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!! So it only took me $11.70 to fill up my car!! That is awesome.

This morning, I made $60! I sold a bunch of shot glasses off of Craigslist. They were just sitting in my basement collecting dust. Now I can put that toward my CC credit card! If I can find $40 more dollars to put toward the payment it will be done!!!

Later I have to go have our family portrait taken. I still don't know what I am wearing...that is bad right?

These past couple of days have been hard....Travis was born still 3 months ago today. He is so missed! I can't put into words how much I miss him and how I wish things were different. I miss you Travis and I love you!


  1. I lost a set of g/g twins at 17w2d due to a rare complication. I miss them every single day.

    I became pregnant on their due date (and our 10th wedding anniversary), and miscarried at 10w. We never knew for sure what we were having, but in our hearts it was a girl.

    I hope all our angels are playing together, out there in the universe.


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