Lent 2009

So this year, Bill and I have both decided to give up something for Lent. Neither of us are religious by any means, even though I was raised Catholic and he was raised Lutheran. Sometimes I wonder why I got away from going to church, etc. I really don't know and I know there are times I feel guilty for it...

Anyways, for Lent Bill and I are giving up....

Eating fast food!

This will be tough for us as we eat out at a fast food place at least once a week, usually 2 times or more. I know it is a really bad habit so we are using this to stop that.

Also I am giving up chocolate. I am going to need strength for this one! Bill is also giving up taping things off tv (his hobby).

What is your family giving up?


  1. My husband gave up TV and my daughter gave up fast food. I still can't decide! I should give up caffeine, but I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'll give up Diet Coke. Whatever it is, I guess I should hurry! The rest of my family is putting me to shame...
    Good luck with the chocolate---you can do it!!!! :)


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