Cleaning and perfectionism

Okay so I am a perfectionist...which is probably why I have a hard time getting things done right away because I want them done a certain way. Well since we have lived in our townhouse, I have decided that perfectionism and cleaning DO NOT MIX!!! I have been trying to follow FLYLADY (, however I don't do all of it because that would make me try to do it perfectly. I don't have the time or the energy most days to do things perfectly. You know what that is okay.

What I do do is bless my family with daily cleaning and not worrying about whether I got that last dust bunny or the tiny miniscule crumb off the floor. Now mind you I don't like messes, but if we were not in the kitchen all day I am not going to sweep and swiffer the floor in there.
I had a friend who wanted to know how I could clean my kitchen after dinner in less than 20 minutes. This is how I do it: while I am cooking I have soapy hot water in the sink and I do dishes as I go. I also wipe up spills on the counter or stove right after they happen. Usually after dinner is over all I have to wash is Rebecca's plate (ours go in the dishwasher) and the pots and pans. I then wipe out the sink, wipe off the counter and stove, wipe off the table (especially important with a 2 year old eating there! lol) and then I do a spot sweep of the floor. This can all be done in under 20 minutes. I do not have a lot of counter space in my kitchen, so my kitchen only has what is absolutely neccessary. Take a look:

This is the view from by the sink.

This is the view from the entrance to the kitchen.

The view from the other side of the kitchen...My one lone counter top!


  1. Can you come organize my kitchen--LOL!!! Yours is so CLEAN! Okay, you inspire me to see how quick I can get it clean after dinner. I'll be the first to admit I'm never on fire about it, but now I want to try!
    LOVE the pics!

  2. I love FlyLady. The longer you do it, the easier it gets!!


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