The Homemaker's Day Book

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW: It is dark out now. It was a partly sunny day with no rain or snow! It made me hope Spring is around the corner.

I AM THINKING: about my husband who is at work and has been working really long hours lately.

I AM THANKFUL FOR: my husband who puts up with me and my moods. He loves me even though I might be anxious and stressed and depressed 99% of the time. He is a great man.

FROM THE KITCHEN: tonight for dinner I made manwich, peas and cut up a cucumber for Rebecca and I.

I AM WEARING: red t-shirt, grey sweat pants and white socks

I AM LISTENING: to the theme song for Dora the Explorer.

I AM CREATING: ideas for menus for this week.

I AM GOING: to try hard not to go anywhere this week to save money since we had to get a new computer.

I AM HOPING: that the pain in my chest goes away soon.

AROUND THE HOUSE: I have cleaned the kitchen and am doing laundry.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: is cuddling with Rebecca on the couch, watching cartoons

A FEW PLANS FOR THE WEEK: catch up on cleaning and laundry, take pics and post more things on CL.


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