I have been a bad blogger....and taking Rebecca to a baseball game...

Sorry guys! I have been a bad, absent blogger! This move has kicked my "you know what" and I just find that at the end of the day I don't have the energy to write. Hopefully though that is going to change...because I finished unpacking today! YAY! So now I can hopefully get back to a normal routine! (Although is Summer ever really normal??)

In the meantime, I also have been trying to do some activities with the kids and with Bill. Before we moved with took Rebecca to a Columbus Clippers Baseball game! Here's a look at some of our fun!

In the car, heading to her surprise

sitting on a huge mitt at the ballpark

Daddy and Rebecca waiting for the game to start. Our seats were front row!

First pitch of the game. First foul ball of the game, Bill caught!

Catholic School night---Go St. V!

First ball park hotdog!

parade of Catholic schools after the first game

Cotton candy!


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