Over the last several  months, while I had good intentions, I never got on an exercise program. I blamed the stress of packing, looking for a house, moving, unpacking, work, etc. Well I have gained weight and I DON'T like myself. I feel fat and have no energy and have been depressed and anxious (despite being on medication for just that). Well I HAVE HAD IT!!! NO MORE!!!! My life is going to change and I am going to be a better person and feel better about myself.

I have decided that for the next year I will be doing monthly challenges that will allow me to focus on 1 thing each month that I do not like about myself. This will not only allow me to *hopefully* make these changes a habit, but also will make me focus on changing one thing one day at a time, rather than making a huge life change that is bound to fail.

For July, my 31 day challenge is going to be to EXERCISE EVERY DAY!

The rules of this challenge:
1. Do 20 minutes or more of exercise every day. This could be working out to the Wii, exercise video, or taking a walk.
2. No eating after 9:00 pm.

That's it. That is what I am going to be doing. Why do I want to do this?

Well, here is why...
  • Rebecca, Jacob and Bill need me to here for them and for our family for many years to come
  • I want to feel good about myself and to feel sexy again
  • I want to fight my anxiety and depression
  • I want to start something and finish it
  • I want to be healthier and fight off heart disease so that I don't have an early heart attack like so many other women in my family
  • I want to have more energy and enthusiasm for each day
So there I have it. If I do this challenge and complete it there will be a reward at the end. If I complete this: I will allow myself to buy myself a new book or a magazine subscription for myself. If I don't complete the challenge, then I must do something with/for Bill that I do not like to do such as go watch a guy movie (think Die Hard type or Fast and Furious type), or go eat a place he LOVES and I don't. It will be his choice.

So there you have it. That is my challenge for July! I hope that I can complete it and that I will find that it will be fun and challenging. If you want to come along, join right in! I would love to have company in/on this challenge!


  1. This is a great idea! I may have to take this!! We need some motivation in this family!

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  2. I feel exactly the same! I am blech, depressed? probably... will I admit it? not now. Why? Not sure... I last 28 pounds last summer/fall and have gained almost all of it back. Did I think I was sexy then? Well, no... but I didn't feel like a lump on a log. I'm tired most of the time, and get annoyed at things so easily. So I yell. Not good... This past weekend I won a Wii so my mom was telling me about the Wii fit. I'm not sure how much they cost, or how much the games/programs cost? I need to get off my bum and do something. I like your rewards system though. Realistic, and attainable. I will be checking in, good luck!

  3. Thanks Guys! Sorry it took so long to comment, but trying to figure out why blogger wouldn't allow me. But it looks like I can for now, so I am taking advantage!


    @Brooke Anna--- I know exactly what you are talking about! You described me to a tee and that is why I need to change. As for the Wii Fit, around here it costs around $90-100 but it is SO worth it. I actually got it for a Christmas present and LOVE it! I have tried other Wii games for exercise and not found one I liked. I still have NOT tried a zumba wii game, but might look into it. Good luck on finding some motivation! If you can't find motivation for yourself, look to your sweet kids and allow them to be your motivation!


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