Kind of Wordless Wednesday: Father's Day Review

Sunday was Father's Day. We kept it kind of low key.
 I let Bill sleep in.
For lunch, the kids and I took him to Burger King to get his Angry Whopper that he likes.
We came home and gave him some presents.
Later my dad, mom and sister came over for dinner.
I made bbq ribs in the crockpot, pasta salad with cucumbers (my dad's request), baked beans, and an apple pie.
Dinner was yummy and it was a good day to express our love to Bill for being a great dad and hubby!

Reading cards

Reading the kids' card

All Rebecca wanted to get Bill for Father's Day was flowers (not pictured) and boxers.

We got Bill an exercise mat and weights to go with the 30 day shred dvd he likes to do on days he doesn't run.
How was your Father's Day? I hope it was a great day!


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