Daily Goals update for Friday 6/22/2012

I thought I would pop on here to give an update of how today went. I just finished a work out, but thought I'd pop on before I head upstairs to shower and go to bed. Here is how I did today:

- Drink 60 oz of water. (will achieve this by drinking water at each meal)
ACHIEVED---I actually ended up drinking 4 bottles of water that held 19 oz each for a total of 76 oz!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!

- Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks today.
ACHIEVED---Had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks. Although I did cheat and had a couple tootsie rolls that were in a glass jar full of mostly bubble gum.

- Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies
SORT OF ACHIEVED--- had a banana with breakfast, an apple with lunch, carrots and corn for dinner, and the sort of is I made pear and cherry muffins this afternoon so that is kind of counting too.

- Work out 30 minutes on Wii (figure out Jillian Michaels Wii game)
ACHIEVED, ACHIEVED, ACHIEVED!!!!!!---Did 30 minutes on the light weight loss workout and IT KICKED MY BEHIND!!!! I made it until minute 23 or so and then I just couldn't do any more so I did it but not to the intensity she wanted (ie. I marched in place instead of running etc.) But I will say I am sweating and feel good. I feel like I worked out. I think this might be my workout.

- Read to Jacob before bed
ACHIEVED--- Read 2 books before bedtime

- Do some school work with Rebecca
ACHIEVED--- We did some after dinner. Later than I wanted but we did it.

- Tell Bill I love him at a random time

SO overall I feel REALLY GOOD ABOUT TODAY!!!!!! Right now though I am sweaty and tired, so I am off to shower and bed. I will be back in the morning with tomorrows goals and hopefully with a post with the recipe for the muffins I made today by trial and error, and with my to do list for this weekend. Hope everyone has wonderful night!


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