Daily Goals update for Wednesday 6/20/12

Earlier today I posted my daily goals for today. How did I do??

- Drink 48 oz of water. (will achieve this by drinking water at each meal)
ACHIEVED!! I actually drank 67 oz. today. I have found the secret is to keep 2 water bottles in the fridge and when I finish one, refill it and put it back.
- Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks today.
ACHIEVED!! I had breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. The only downfall was lunch was McDonald's and one snack was ice cream.
- NO eating after dinner
NOT ACHIEVED!!! As I am writing this I am eating a small bowl of ice cream. While this is a failure, it is actually an improvement from how I usually am at night. Right now I am stressed out and I think that is why I am eating.
- Work out 20 minutes on Wii Fit
ACHIEVED!!!! I actually did 30 minutes!
- Read 2 stories to both Rebecca and Jacob
1/2 ACHIEVED...I read to Jacob several times throughout the day. Did not find time to read to Rebecca but we did work on some school stuff together.
- Compliment Bill at least 1 time.

SO overall, not a bad day 1 on my new goal setting plan. I think I did pretty good today! I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.


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