Five Question Friday

It has been a while since I have participated in 5 Question Friday hosted by "My Little Life"...I thought it would be fun to join in again today. So here goes....

1. What album/cd/download are you embarrassed to admit you have?
I don't really have a bunch of music anymore. I probably wouldn't admit it to anyone near my age that I have a few Barry Manilow cds that I still listen to. He is a pretty darn good entertainer. I saw him in concert a few years ago when I took my mom and my grandma to see him as part of their Christmas present from me. I was shocked that I LOVED his show and his music.

2. What's the one thing your spouse does better than you?
He does a TON of things better than me. He gives better back rubs. Makes phone calls better than me. He is more of a social person when it comes to talking to strangers among MANY other things.

3. When do you start buying Halloween Candy?
I try NOT to as we don't hand out candy since we are out trick or treating with our kids. However, I will say that I did buy some last week to have at home on a whim. So usually around the 1st of October.

4. Family closets - Yay or nay?
Not really. We have a family closet for coats and shoes, but for everything else I like having each persons personal space to keep their stuff.

5. Which home/cleaning chore do you hate the most? Why?
It is tie....I LOATHE putting clothes away. I don't mind sorting, washing, drying or folding. But to get them put away is something I HATE!!!!! I don't know why either.  The other thing is mopping our floors. Probably because as soon as I mop them the kids spill something or other on it. ALWAYS happens.

So there you have it. A little glimpse into me with these five questions! Hope everyone has a great Friday! And be sure to check out "My Little Life" to check out more answers to the five questions!


  1. We must get someone to invent a washing machine and dryer combo that works in every one's closet for instant cleaning. I too don't mind doing laundry and hubby does the fetch and carrying.

  2. I hate hate hate putting clothes away too. I'll do my husbands clothes and mine but I have my six-year-old put hers away and leave the baby's clothes on the table in the hallway outside her room for the hubby to put up. Most of the time I leave the towels on the counter top they belong in!! Im so mean


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