What a night...

Yesterday started out as an okay day.....then the evening hit....

After I got home from work, I sent my daughter upstairs to get out of her school uniform, then I went into the kitchen to talk to my hubby. Next thing we know we are hearing LOUD THUMP THUMP THUMPS coming down the stairs. Rebecca fell down the 5 stairs leading up to the 2nd floor. She landed on the landing where the steps turn from the first floor up to the second. She immediately developed a HUGE goose egg on her head. I took her the ER for precautionary reasons. They told me to keep an eye on her and that since she wasn't showing any serious signs other than the bruising and goose egg that I could take her home.

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night and am feeling the stress and anxiety of everything today. And my poor husband isn't much better than me. I am totally stressed and anxious, to the point of developing itches and chest pains (this is a common symptom for me when I am overly stressed).
She wanted to go to school today, so I took her in and explained everything to her teacher. And that if she develops any symptoms or seems off to call me immediately. Also to not give her any of the ibuprofen I have for her at school per doctors orders for a head injury.

I will be glad when I go into work and I get to see that she is doing okay.


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