UNREAL(TM) Candy Unjunked

 A candy that is healthier for you? Is there such a thing?

You bet there is!

It is called "UNREAL(TM)" Candy and it is certainly unreal. I recently got the chance to join  a bzz campaign to try the new line of candy. I received a coupon for a free package of candy and some BOGO coupons. According to getunreal.com the candies are sold at CVS, Kroger, and Walgreens among other stores. I thought I would not have a problem finding them....WRONG!!!! I could find them NO WHERE! I looked here in my hometown, also in Columbus and COULD NOT FIND THEM. Thinking that I was just going to have my coupons go to waste, I thought well it was too good to be true.

That was until last night....

I had to go get some printer ink at Staples and there as I walked in the door was a display set up of the UNREAL candy. They had chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate candy shell peanuts, and chocolate caramel nouget.  I picked up a pack of the chocolate peanut butter cups and decided to use my free coupon. They were pricey...$1.19 for a pack of 2 cups. A lot more than I would normally pay for candy. But for Free I would try them. I brought them home to share with my hubby (who is KING of Peanut butter cups).

Our first impression upon opening the package was that they were smaller than other brands. Hubby was skeptical because he said he has had "healthier" candy in the past and it is usually not sweet enough for him.

Upon tasting them though we got a shock. They were sweet and delicious and yummy! Makes me wish I would have bought another pack. :)

I would recommend these IF you can find them. I might buy them as a treat for hubby and I once in a while as the price is still WAY TOO HIGH for me to justify.
Disclaimer: I received a FREE product coupon for this product as a BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.


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